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Manor Lords

Getting and Making Dyes

Craig Robinson

Dyes in Manor Lords are an item that is an important part of creating clothes and cloaks at tailor workshops for sale at marketplaces and trading posts. You’ll need these items to help satisfy your population with various clothing items on the marketplace and thus improve their approval rating along with ticking boxes off the upgrading burgage plot gameplay loop. However, the process of getting dyes can be difficult as you need berries and a Dyer’s workshop. Here is a closer look at getting dyes to assist your clothing stalls with premium items.

Dye Workshops enable players to turn berries into dyes, used in crafting commodities like Clothes and Cloaks in Manor Lords.

Making Dyes

To make dyes in Manor Lords you need the following:

  • Stockpile berries
  • Dyer’s Workshop

Berries are the primary ingredient for making dyes. Berries are gathered in one of two ways:

  1. Trading Posts
  2. Forager Huts near wild berry growing hotspots.

Trading Posts can sell you the berries you need, while using Forager Huts will enable your people to scavenge for berries. However, scavenging berries is only seasonal, and typically they only contain a max of 64 at a time. This greatly restricts how many you can pick naturally.

In the early game, foraging for berries is not so much of an issue. As your population growth increases, you’ll find berries are very quickly consumed for food. You will either need to get the development called Forest Management that doubles berry growing zone capacities or settle in an area with rich berry spots. This is also very handy for getting herbs in Manor Lords too! Hitting two birds with one stone. If you don’t want that technology, you’ll have to start importing berries to target food consumption and dye production demand.

If you’re importing berries, be mindful that you will need a trade route opened to make it easier to import them. They’ll also cost 13 to import, making them fairly expensive.

When you have dyes, you will begin using them to make clothes and cloaks. You need one per item you make. If you’re making either commodity, make sure you are producing yarn and linen at a weaver’s workshop to make the apparel commodities for sale at marketplaces or as part of your trading post exports. And there you have it, you now know everything you need to know about dyes in Manor Lords and how to manage the supply of the goods.

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