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Shane Williams

Exploring Jill’s Room

Your journey will begin with you taking control of Jill in her room, here you’ll want to enter the Bathroom on the other side to view a scene. Once you’ve managed to wake up from your nightmare, interact with the board on the left to obtain the Jill’s Report and Investigation Notes Files, then pickup the Unsealed Envelope File on the drawers, now head over to the kitchen area to find a Message from a Colleague File sitting next to the open pizza box.

Head into the Bathroom once more to view a scene, then pickup the phone near your bed. Unfortunately, the phone call will be rudely interrupted by Nemesis. You’re unable to fight him here, so you’ll want to follow the direct path ahead at all times until you reach the alleyway outside.

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First Escape

Escape from Jill's apartment building.

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Get out of Town / Get to the Rooftop

Head out onto the main street and you’ll be greeted by Brad, follow him until you reach Jack’s Bar to view a scene. Due to the recent events you’ll be continuing solo once again, pickup the G19 Handgun off the corpse and you’ll face your first Zombie. Like with Resident Evil 2 Remake, you can shoot their legs until they start crawling, this will allow you to run past or alternatively you can focus fire at their head until they die but beware however, this could use up alot of ammo. An addition to Resident Evil 3 is you have the ability to dodge past enemies by pressing [R1/RB] at the correct time.

(1 of 2) Follow the controls shown on screen

Follow the controls shown on screen (left), to quickly push the Nemesis off the side of the Parking Garage. (right)

Once you’ve dealt with the Zombie, continue following the path along until you see an old man, walk past him to collect some Handgun Ammo off the barrel then exit. Crawl under the tight gap on the right and then interact with the lift in the Parking Garage, dodge past the two Zombies that are attempting to ambush you then go up to the roof. Head towards the Helicopter to view a scene and then you’ll regain control of Jill in a car, here you’ll want to keep pressing [X/A] when the game prompts you to start the car, then hold [R2/RT] to push Nemesis away.

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Somebody to Lean On

Escape from uptown Raccoon City.

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Before following Carlos, turn around to find a Charlie Doll sitting by the bus.

Unfortunately your idea didn’t go to plan, but luckily, Carlos has got your back just in time. You’ll now find yourself in the Subway Station, but before following Carlos, head back up the stairs behind you to find the first Charlie Doll sitting next to the bus, now go back inside and follow Carlos into the train to view a cutscene.

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Hello, Charlie!

Destroy a Charlie Doll.

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(1 of 2) Collect the two Green Herbs waiting for you at the exit of the Subway

Collect the two Green Herbs waiting for you at the exit of the Subway (left), then combine them to give yourself a Mixed Herb (G+G). (right)

After the scene has come to a close, head up the stairs and interact with the shop on the left to obtain the Tabloid Front Page File, continue further up to find two Green Herbs, combine this to create a Mixed Heb (G+G), this will bring your health back up to Fine. Combine the two Gunpowders on the left to create some Handgun Ammo, then smash open the box for a Red Herb before going into the Safe Room ahead. Pickup the U.B.C.S Herb Field Manual off the table, then save your game via the Typewriter.

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Basic Chemistry

Craft an item.

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Reactivate power at the substation

Wait for the Zombies to surround the barrel, then shoot to easily take them out.

Head out onto the street and follow the path along to the left to get past the roadblock, remember to collect the Handgun Ammo off the barrel along the way. Once you’ve made it through, go over to the fence at the back to view a scene, then turn around and shoot the explosive barrel when all three Zombies are surrounding it. Follow the now open path down to the right and then take another right to head up some stairs, take one last right and use the explosive barrel to kill the Zombies that are hiding nearby.

Head into the Donut Shop Safe Room to find the first Fancy Box.

Push down the ladder ahead to give yourself a shortcut then head back and enter the Donut Shop. Here you’ll find some Handgun Ammo to your right and some Gunpowder sitting on a table near some corpses, now head into the small room to the right of the locker to find a Safe Room with a Fancy Box inside, open it to find a Red Jewel.

Store that in your box and then exit the shop through the door on the left. Take out the Zombies in the area by shooting the explosive barrel, then go over to the left and smash open the box for a Green Herb, now head into the Pharmacy at the other end of the street to find some High-Grade Gunpowder and some Handgun Ammo.

(1 of 3) Head into the Pharmacy to find out the combination for the locker

Exit the store and walk around the car to your left to find another box to open, inside will contain a First Aid Spray, now head back towards the Donut Shop and go up the stairs on the left, proceed into the building to find some Handgun Ammo, then go into the room on the left. Here you’ll find a Charlie Doll sitting on the shelves on the right and a safe to the back of the room, use the combination 937 to acquire the Dot Sight for the Handgun.

Equip this in the menu, then collect the Drugstore Owner’s Manual File to the left along with some High-Grade Gunpowder in the draw, now head back outside and go into the Kite Bros Railway. Here you’ll find a Fire Hose left on the floor, now go into the room on the right to find a Hand Grenade and some Gunpowder in the lockers on the left. Collect the Subway Employee’s Memo off the table before leaving the room, then proceed into the next room on the right.

(1 of 3) Head into Kite Bros Railway to find the Hose

In this room you’ll find a Charlie Doll under the desk and the Kite Bros. Railway Manual on the chair, there isn’t much else here for now so go back out onto the street and head to the location of the fire. Use the hose to put out the fire and then go into the room ahead to acquire the Bolt Cutters.

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Improve a weapon.

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Don’t continue onwards yet, head back out into the street and open up the shop on the right with the Bolt Cutters to find the final Fancy Box which you can open for the Blue Jewel, now return to Kite Bros Railway to acquire the M3 Shotgun. Return to the Subway Station to use your two Jewels for a Hand Grenade and the Tactical Stock (Shotgun), then go back to the room where you acquired the Bolt Cutters and open up the room on the right to view a scene, now go over to the corpse to pick up the Training Log File and then grab some Shotgun Shells off the desk before heading upstairs

Place the two Jewels you've acquired so far to obtain an attachment for the Shotgun.

Head right from the stairs to find another corpse with some Handgun Ammo and the ** U.B.C.S Suicide Note** File, now grab an Electricians Notice File off the wall whilst following the left path. Take out the dogs and then continue along the road until you reach the roadblock to find a box with a First Aid Spray inside. Go back and go through the door in the left and then enter the room, here you can find some Gunpowder in the lockers on the right and a Red Herb up the stairs.

Interact with the corpse at the end of the path to obtain the Lock Pick.

Proceed into the next room to save your game and store any items, then grab the Hip Pouch to the right and the Fax from Substation Chief File off the desk at the back before continuing on. Exit the room and go down the stairs, collect the two Green Herbs along with the Green Herbs: They Work File then interact with the corpse at the end of the path to acquire the Lock pick. Make your way around the corner to find a box with some Handgun Ammo.

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Get Organized

Expand your inventory.

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Restore Circuit Breakers 0/4

Head to these four locations to restore the Circuit Breakers.

Use the recently acquired Lockpicks to open the door ahead and you’ll enter a cutscene, use a Herb to get rid of the parasite and then collect the Substation Internal Memo of the wall before heading into the area ahead. Here you’ll need to find four Circuit Breakers, the first can be found by following the left path, the second can be found by going up and right from the first one, the third can be found by going along the main path, now climb up the ladder and cross the path to the other side and drop down, here you’ll find the final circuit to your right. Head back to the Safe Room to bring the power back online.

Bring the trains online in the subway office

(1 of 2) Throw a Grenade at the Nemesis as he approaches you

Throw a Grenade at the Nemesis as he approaches you (left), then pick the Supply Case that he drops for you. (right)

Head downstairs and open up the locker with the Lock Pick to obtain some Handgun Ammo, then go back out onto the street. Here you’ll encounter the Nemesis, simply throw a Hand Grenade at him to quickly bring him to the floor, pick up the Supply Case and then run away into the Safe Room.

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Nemesis Down

Cause Nemesis to relinquish an item.

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(1 of 3) Head into the Toy Shop to find the final Fancy Box

Unlock the the locker in the room to acquire a First Aid Spray, then head back outside and enter the Toy Shop to find a Charlie Doll and a Fancy Box with the Green Jewel Inside. Place the final jewel into the machine back at the Substation to acquire a Hip Pouch. Grab some Shotgun Shells from the case to the left, then head into the Donut Shop, here you’ll now be able to open up the locker on the left to obtain a Hand Grenade. Exit out of the door on the left and use the Bolt Cutters to open up the path ahead, here you’ll find some Handgun and Shotgun Ammo, now enter Kite Bros Railway to fix the train lines.

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Power Stones

Place all jewels in the clock tower monument.

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Input the following combination in order to bring the trains back online.

In order to solve this puzzle you’ll need to put in the following combination in order to allow the train to destination.


If done correctly the train will be up and running, so you’ll want to return to Carlos in the Subway Station to view a scene.

Lure the creature away from the subway station

Once the scene has come to a close you’ll need to keep sprinting ahead, make sure to grab the First Aid Spray off the shelf on your way around the corner. Once you reach the room with the vent, lure Nemesis towards the explosives barrels to get him down, then quickly go through the vent into the sewers.

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Somebody to Lean On

Escape from uptown Raccoon City.

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