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Tamio River Downstream Cave Surface Cave


The "Tamio River Downstream Cave" iconTamio River Downstream Cave is found on the western side of the map, at the southern end of the Tamio River, and northeast of the "Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower" iconGerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. You can find "Sticky Lizard" iconSticky Lizards and "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seeds inside, as with most caves, as well as a "Bubbulfrog" iconBubbulfrog (yields a "Bubbul Gem" iconBubbul Gem). You will also find some "Horriblin" iconHorriblins right inside the entrance. There is another path that leads to an open room, where you will find some "Gloom Hand" iconGloom Hands. If you defeat the Hands, then a "Phantom Ganon" iconPhantom Ganon will spawn. On the opposite end of the area with the Hands, there is a breakable rock wall, which hides a path that leads to the "Phantom Armor" iconPhantom Armor.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hyrule Surface Map

X: 6130 Y: 11238

Found at the end of the Tamio River.

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