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Proceed inside the house and check the small table for a Newspaper . Now check the next room for a Photograph . Now check the table for a crossbow to proceed with the story. Lucan will point out the guards and gardens before heading to the rooftops.

Directive: Follow Lucan

Before jumping across, go down the stairs to find the Phonograph Cylinder - The Anarchists 17.10.86 at the end.

Now follow Lucan (you can use the nearby box and ledge where it looks like there should be stairs) until you reach the top of the rooftops. Note that you will have to press Triangle suddenly at one point, so be ready.

Directive: Locate an anchor point

Here look at the gazebo to shoot your anchor point and go down, silently killing the guard.

Directive: Acquire the Gate Key

We are now in the gardens, which is a massive place. We are charged with finding the key to the gate, which is on a guard in this garden. Go left from the gazebo and there should be an enemy around here so be careful (you can wait behind the wall for him to pass below). Kill him with the crossbow and you’ll most likely get a trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Well Rounded

Kill an enemy with every weapon

Trophy icon

This is also a good opportunity to get this trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Snuffed Out

Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns

Trophy icon

With that enemy dead there are five other guards we can kill. They are quite spread out though, so what we need to do is kill each of them until the key drops. Silently stalk each one and take them out. This garden area is fairly symmetrical (there are two gazebos, for example) and the guards flashlights give them away. If you do run out of crossbow bullets, you can find more in a cubby down by the gate we are trying to gain access too (which is in an area with stairs leading down into a tunnel… the newspaper is here as well).

Once you kill the guard with the key our directive changes:

Directive: Unlock the gate

From here press R3 to locate the gate and go to it. Before going through it though, enter the door in front of it to find a Newspaper . Replenish your bolts (if you haven’t already) and proceed through the gate.

Silently kill the guard here and check behind you on the upper level for another guard. Dispose of him and Lucan comes in.

Directive: Rendezvous with Lucan

Lafayatte is influencing our directives… Head to where Lucan is and then plan your attack. After that, jump over the wall and pick the door the man just went into.

Directive: Clear the West Wing

In here you’ll find a Photograph to your right and carefully kill the guard in the next room (outside?).

The collectible is right behind the locked door.

Go down the stairs and you’ll be in another garden, where there will be an enemy guarding the central area, one guarding the left and right sides and 2 more guarding the back. Kill them all using the Crossbow, grab the ammo crate from the right side and proceed to your marker.

We meet up with Lakshmi! Yeah! Get ready to kill the guard QUIKCLY or you will end up restarting. After the small re-united scene we have an objective:

Directive: Infiltrate the United India House

Kill off the first guard and you’ll see Lakshmi on the left up some stairs. Before following her go straight and into the door to find an Object .

This is the last Object in the game. If you inspected all of them you’ll get a trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Power of Observation

Inspect all objects

Trophy icon

Now follow Lakshmi to find Devi and the guy you beat the crap out of in Chapter 8. Push the carriage, climb it and you’ll alert the guards. Grab this guard’s Carbine and start shooting the enemies down below. There’s a Shotgunner and a Sniper so be careful. Go inside through the window and grab the grenade .

As you go up the steps take cover here and take out both Shotgunners that appear on both sides of the room. Proceed to the other side of the room while killing the enemies and a couple more come up from downstairs. Take care of them and go downstairs through the door, grabbing the Phonograph Cylinder - News from the East Indies while you’re at it. Now check the little red cabinet next to the Phonograph Cylinder to open up the door and find a Document inside. Grab the grenades as well.

Proceed through the doors to trigger a scene with Alastair. Oh goodness. You’ll be ambushed here so start killing people. There is a Shotgunner around so take care of him. There’s an ammo crate on the left side of the room in case you need it. Go up the stairs at the end of the hall and check the end of the table here to find a Phonograph Cylinder - Ramayana, First Verse .

Go outside and it’ll be time to kill MANY more enemies. The good thing is that they are down in the garden. There will be a sniper on the right side of the garden so make him your top priority. There will also be an armored Thermite Rifle user . Geez. Use a grenade on him and shoot him over and over and over until you kill him. You can find a Detonator and a Carbine behind you, so take your pick.

Proceed into the next room. Man that piano is drop-dead gorgeous. Next to it you’ll be able to find a Newspaper . Now proceed through the doors to find the archives.

Don’t be distracted by the beautiful piano. Grab that Newspaper before you proceed.

Directive: Search the archives

Quickly check the left side as you enter to find a Document . Now proceed and keep an eye open for the cabinet on the left side for an Item entry.

Now check the last bookshelf on this side for a Phonograph Cylinder - The Captain’s Testament . Continue and you’ll find some papers on a table, which counts as an Item .

Go right from here and there will be a red couch. Check the cabinet to find a Photograph . Now go to the other side of the room and check the middle bookshelves to find another empty cabinet, another Item .

Check the next bookshelf to find a Phonograph Cylinder - Chopin, Prelude in E-Minor, ‘Dying Away’ . Now check the table next to the entrance to find some more scattered papers, another Item . Now watch the scene and its time to run after Alastair! Follow him into a storage room where we have to fight 3 Lycans.

Directive: Kill the Lycans

Like always, it isn’t very hard as long as you dodge all their attacks. Stick by the entrance for a good vantage point and note the automatic rifle nearby.

After we kill them, we get a new objective:

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Hunter

Kill 10 Lycans

Trophy icon

Directive: Pursue Lucan

Time to continue our pursuit. Kill both guards that enter the room and follow the path to trigger some scenes and the end of the chapter.

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