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Time to start this. Start by watching the opening video in the character’s POV. Poor man, that type of torture must be horrible. Continue watching until the second “bath” scene. During this a support rod will come lose and we’ll be tasked to hit “Triangle” in a Quick-Time Event (We hope you guys are OK with QTE’s, this game has a few of them!). After that be ready to jam on the “X” button and then once the danger has passed we’ll have to hold the Triangle button (they are essentially showing us the different button prompts we’ll have to use throughout the game.

Once you are free, you will gain control for the first time…

Move towards the door and you’ll be taught how to scurry, or sprint with R3. Not that we can really spring right now. Enter the door at the end to find a gun… with no bullets. Dammit. Return outside and break open the locked gate to the left and go through it. Watch the scene with the Lycan…er Half-breed and soon enough you’ll get yourself a hostage. Keep your aim on him with L2 and approach him. Watch the scene and we’ll soon have some more QTE’s (Mash X, Hit Square).

The Prologue is full of QTE’s so make sure to get the hang of them now.

After that is a new QTE called a “Turning Point”. Basically, the action slows down considerably and offers you a chance to look around and “assess the situation”. Here, the fight will slow down and you can punch the guard’s head before he hits you, but you must use the cursor to pick that choice. Hit Square on the man’s head to continue. We have two more bouts of mashing X after that before we can use Triangle to go through the door.

Watch the scene and hold the button they display to end the Prologue.

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Join Sir Galahad, Sir Perceval, Lady Igraine and Lafayette, four of the many members of The Order as they fight through the Industrial Revolution that takes place in old London. Fight rebels and Lycans while you uncover the secrets behind the Revolution and The Order itself. Is what they do for the better of London? Join Sir Galahad in the fight and find out.

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