Directive: Get to Teslas Lab

After the little scene with Devi, go down the stairs and examine the table to find a Newspaper . Reading this will net you a Trophy… if you read them all of course.

Trophy icon

Inspect all newspapers


Continue along the tunnels and when you see a guard at the gate, go inside the door on your left. Galahad will talk to Tesla in here, but more importantly grab the Document on your left.

Continue along the room, go down the manhole and you’ll find a couple enemies in the first room. Time for some action baby! Kill them and proceed to the next room where we’ll have even more enemies, including an armored Shotgunner. Dear God.

Use your Blacksight and your Duelist Revolver to take care of him fast. Also use the Falchion’s Alt Fire to keep him at bay, in case he doesn’t die with the Blacksight. The door on the right has an ammo crate so use it and now enter the door on the left, making a quick left at the forking path to find a crate that has the last Phonograph Cylinder - The Anarchists 29.11.86 . This nets you another Trophy!

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Collect all phonograph cylinders


Follow the path and as you go up the stairs 3 enemies appear. Deal with them quickly (Blacksight will help you out big time) and proceed right (the path on the left has an ammo crate). Before entering the door, pick up whichever weapons you like (both primary and secondary) and proceed through the door.

NOTE: Some good recommendations for weapons to bring in are Duelist Pistol and Repeating Shotgun to stay mobile and/or Falchion with Duelist Pistol to guard your area.

Oh God this is the only part where you’ll really feel some difficulty in the whole game. There will be enemies… a LOT! Many more than previous encounters. You’re in a really tight space and if a ton of enemies isn’t enough, bring in an armored Detonator AND an armored Thermite user. Embrace yourself!

Stay at the beginning and take out as many enemies as you can before the Detonator and Thermite arrive. Once they do though, use your Blacksight to get rid of at least one of them and spam your grenades on the other one. The enemies come from the other side of the room so only go out once they stop appearing.

Now go up the steps and you’ll have many more enemies coming in from the other side of the gap. These aren’t that bad but be careful of the Shotgunners that close in to you. You can hear them asking for cover so that’s your cue to look for them and take care of them ASAP. There are a couple of explosive barrels on their side to take advantage of them and shoot them down.

Proceed down the path, ignore the room on the left and go up the stairs and follow the path. In the next room, before breaking the wooden planks blocking the door, check the right dead end to find the last collectible in the game, a Photograph . With this you’ll get two trophies!

Trophy icon
Detail Oriented

Inspect all photographs and documents

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Inspector First Class

Find all inspect items


Continue following the path and climb the boards at the end to get to a room with an electrically locked door. Do the door mini-game once more to enter it and trigger a scene.

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