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Sir Galahad / Grayson

Sir Galahad is the main protagonist of The Order: 1886 and is indeed the only playable character. Galahad himself is the protege of Sir Percival but has already been serving as a knight of the order for decades by the time the game starts and is actually the knight who mentored Lady Igraine.

Galahad is utterly loyal to the order and has great respect for his companions, in particular Sir Percival (his mentor) and Lady Igraine. He is shown to be quite stoic, but does display some affection for Igraine, as she does for him. The order prevents them from acting on these affections, however. Another sacrifice Galahad must endure.

In Arthurian Legend, Galahad is quite famous. He was born son of Sir Lancelot and Elaine, and was destined for greatness. He ended up joining the round table and led the knights in the famous search for the Holy Grail. Legends state that he was one of only three knights who located the Grail, and in the end the only one worthy of viewing it due to his purity of heart. In regards to the game’s lore, this makes it very likely that Galahad’s namesake was the one who discovered the Grail for the order and made their existence possible.

Lady Igraine / Isabeau DArgyll

Lady Knights are fairly rare, but the Order is gender-blind and welcomes all those who would take the oath. It helps that Igraine is actually the adopted daughter of the Lord Chancellor of the Order. Lady Igraine is the protege of Galahad, who trained her into knighthood before the events of the game take place. She has learned her lessons well… so well that she frequently reminds Galahad of his advanced age and how much youth prevails… in a joking manor of course.

The Order’s solemn duty prevents the men and the woman from becoming intimate, but… there is a spark between Galahad and Lady Igraine that is palatable. If not for the oath and the sacred order, and perhaps in another time and place, things could be different…

According to Arthurian Legend, Lady Igraine was actually the mother of Arthur, and wife of Uther Pendragon. There are a few different versions of Arthur’s birth, but one of the more prominent versions is the story of how Uther longed for Igraine, the wife of Duke Gorlois, and battled him for her. He also had Merlin change his appearance to that of Gorlois and then tricked Igraine into sleeping with him (birthing Arthur). They later went on to be wed (Can you tell that “illegitimate children” are a theme yet?). She was also the mother of Morgan Le Fay, frequent enemy of Arther in many stories.

Sir Percival / Sebastian Malory

Sir Percival is the oldest of the Knights, and second-oldest next to the Lord Chancellor himself. It isn’t explicitly states, but it is very likely that he is also the ancestor of Sir Thomas Malory, who wrote “Le Morte d’Arthur” which chronicles the tales of Sir Arthur and the knights of the round table. He is the mentor of Sir Galahad.

As one of the most experienced knights, Sir Percival often takes a commanding role in the field and has the seniority and knowledge to command respect from his brethren. Percival is often direct, and cares little for politics or even direct commands if they interfere with getting things done (which can be seen quite easily in the game).

In Arthurian Legend, Sir Percival is most famous for also being involved in the search for the Holy Grail. He, along with Galahad and Sir Bors and listed as the only three knights to have located the Grail.

Marquis de Lafayette

Lafayette in The Order: 1886 is based on the historical Marquis de Lafayette, who famously supported the resistance against the British in the American Revolutionary War. He is currently being mentored by Sir Percival as a candidate for the order and member of the round table.

Lafayette is shown to love freedom and liberty above all things, with woman being a close second. If he can help it, he will always try to flirt with his admirers, but has proven to be a capable warrior in his own right and will put his duty first when the time calls. He brings a breath of fresh air to the seriousness and stoic natures of Sir Percival and Galahad.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla is another famous historical figure called upon in The Order: 1886. He isn’t a knight, but he supports the order by being their resident inventor and engineer, providing new technology and improvements to the team and enabling them to be successful.

Nikola Tesla is of course most famous for having invented the AC electrical current system, and for his feud with Thomas Edison known as the “War of the Currents” (which the game actually pokes a bit of fun at). He was a prolific inventor and engineer with far too many achievements to be listed here. He would have been an ideal acquisition for the order.

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