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Directive: Get to the Hospital

We were going to pair up with Perceval but instead we get to go with Lafayette. Before going forward, go behind the carriage and move to the end of the road on the right to find a Newspaper on the crate back here (on the left side of the street).

This is a very easy collectible to miss since you have to backtrack right at the beginning of the chapter.

Return and now follow Perceval until you raise a wooden beam for him and Igraine to pass. Now follow Lafayette up the stairs and check the Object on the desk inside the room.

Check the desk in this small room.

Continue following Lafayette and inspect the apple when possible, pressing Triangle when you can. Throw it and the guard will be taken out. After tipping the merchant you’ll see some guys beating the crap out of someone. Before we head on, go down inside the Shelter (the stairs to the left) and check the crate at the end to find a Document .

Go through the door in here to be in presence of a public execution… sort of. We’ll get a new directive after the scene:

Directive: Head through the alleyway

After being spotted head left into the alleyway to trigger a small QTE with a woman. Speak to her to obtain an Item (note that this Item collectible is the conversation itself… not a physical item!). Now instead of going in the door like Lafayette suggests, run past him to find a Newspaper . Head to the door after that and its time to lockpick. Lockpicking in this game is quite simple and looks amazing.

While keeping L2 pressed, start rotating the Right Analog Stick until the vibration changes. When it does, keep the analog stick in that position and press R2 . Do this 3 times to open the door. In here you’ll have to leave the weapons. That sucks. Check the table on the right though to find a Photograph . Now check the table in the center of the room (down the stairs) to find an Object .

Now go up the stairs and check the table in front of the bar to find a Document .

This woman tries to seduce you. You can ignore her completely by going around her.

Listen to the funny conversation between Lafayette and the damsels and time to follow them. You will indeed get a room… for Lafayette and yourself and find a pair… making babies. Quickly press X during the QTE and its time to leave. Note that we get a Duelist Revolver which fires two quick shots in succession. Hey, at least we are armed!

On the balcony, take a left and get up to the roof. Hang another left and jump to the ledge, shimmying along the building. It seems we have stirred the nest, indeed. Keep following the rooftops and jump over the gap to another ledge, but instead of climbing up inside the room, start moving along the ledge to the left to find a hidden crate with Phonographic Cylinder - The Anarchists 12.10.86 inside (which is their best-hidden collectible yet). Return and now climb into the room. In here you’ll find the Phonographic Cylinder - Sons and Daughters of Britain in the corner. Grab it and activate the lever to move the cargo.

Hang once again from the ledge but go right this time and up through the window. Going down the stairs you’ll find 2 enemies. Kill them from a distance and pick up their M82 Carbine . In the next room Lafayette opens up the path to continue but grab the Grenades here and change your weapon if so desired. Now follow the path until you get to the execution site once again, but now we have to fight a rebel ambush.

Directive: Fight through the rebel ambush

You’ll have many enemies coming out of everywhere but the good thing is that they do not try to pincer attack you or anything. They just stay there so you can take your time to headshoot each and every one of them. Our focus should be on the snipers up in the windows though. There are two of them, so be careful here and take them out first, focusing on the lower enemies afterward.

Once you are done head inside the building and Lafayette will go through the street. Inside the building, you’ll find grenades and some weapons in here (namely the marksman rifle the snipers we’re using) and as you exit quickly take cover and start popping heads. If you are keen to snipe at all, be SURE to grab this rifle before you go.

Afterwards, you’ll have your path blocked so go up the stairs and you’ll have to fight a TON of rebels. You have your normal rebels, the ones you’ve been encountering but you’ll also get two new ones: the Shotgunner and the Grenadiers . The first ones are fast and run towards you just to empty their shotty in you, while the Grenadiers toss grenades from a distance but also shoot their own weapons.

The Shotgunners come first though, so when Lafayette shouts it, quickly spot the Shotgunner (the man dressed in yellow) and note him running towards your position. Take care of him ASAP and don’t even worry about shooting him in the head. Once you’ve killed many enemies, the Grenadiers start appearing (dressed in light blue), which can toss a grenade from their position ALL the way across the area, while we can only throw it like 20 feet away from us.

There will be an X when they toss their grenades meaning you can press it to dodge it. Do so whenever you can. After taking care of a couple of waves of these Grenadiers, some waves with both Shotgunners and Grenadiers start popping out.

There are a LOT of enemies here. If you happened to get the marksman rifle from earlier, stay at the beginning of the area and use it to great effect. Note the volatile barrels to the right on the street and up on the balcony to the left. You can easily stay here until the Grenadiers show up if you stay back by the sandbags and snipe from there (this lets you shoot the shotgun enemies as they approach… just be sure to get them before they get you!).

Once the Grenadiers show up, consider moving to the house and/or joining Lafayette with a shotgun. Being more mobile in general helps against them. Be sure to use your Blacksight once you have it built up, and use your grenades as well, especially when new waves of enemies show up.

After the fight we’ll get another directive:

Directive: Find a way to the rooftops

Go ahead and help Lafayette out with the wagon, climb on top of it and head left into the building. Cross the wooden plank to find a Document . Return and start following the path until a little scene triggers. Once you regain control we’ll have a new directive.

This Document is found in the same area as the skirmish. Up the carriage and up the stairs.

Directive: Locate Perceval and Igraine

We can find them to the right, down on the street. They’re using the Arc gun and you can see it flash every once in awhile. After we locate them then it will be time to rendezvous with them, but not before we “ invite some friends “.

Directive: Locate airship Sentinel 5

Sentinel 5 is the airship to the far left of Igraine and Percval. Once you find it, we’ll need to use Morse Code to signal Sentinel 5. This is done with the touch-pad on your PS4, so go ahead and send the code for a small scene, after which it’s time to meet up with our comrades .

Directive: Rendezvous with Perceval and Igraine

Jump across the gap when possible and enter the room through the window to find an Object on the desk… which is Sackboy from Little Big Planet !

Exit the house and it’ll be time to kill some more guys. Stealthily approach the guy and quickly take cover so you don’t get shot by the rest of the enemies. There is lots of cover in this alleyway so use it to your advantage. When you get to the end of the path jump down to trigger a little QTE and a scene. Hit the button prompt and on the “ real time “ event go for the knife to end things very quickly. We’ll get some help from Perceval soon which starts a series of scenes.

We’ll get ahold of the M86 Thermite Rifle , which shoots thermite dust and then you ignite the dust, making it an incredible weapon. Kill the enemies in front of you until you get a directive:

Directive: Ignite thermite in the distillery

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Up in Flames

Incinerate 15 enemies

Trophy icon

Once you destroy the distillery, the constable will run out and get shot, giving us our new directive:

Directive: Get the constable inside

Afterwards head out and help out the monsieur who was shot. While moving backwards, try shooting the enemies in the head to maximize your lack of movement. Now its time to find a way out of here, but lets nab the Document from the desk on the left.

While the team tends the death of the soldier, go look for the document that’s on the desk.

Exit the building and cross a second one to find some enemies. Make really good use of the Thermite Gun since we don’t have that many chances of using it. There is however a Thermite user in the next area, which you’ll have to shoot a couple times with YOUR own Thermite Gun to bring him down. That and Igraine’s Arc Gun will bring him down quickly. We’ll get a directive after that:

Directive: Help Perceval with the cart

Head to the cart and pull it down when prompted. Another directive right after we head up it:

Directive: Plant thermite on the bridge

After you plant thermite on the bridge and bring it down, go ahead and jump across. Enter the room you come to and in here enter the first room on the left to find a Newspaper on the little table. Exit the house and watch the scene to end the chapter.

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