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Gorecrusher the Behemoth V Blood Carriers (Cursed Forest)

In-game Description

Once a fiercely loyal warrior in Dracula’s army. It’s said he went mad after the vampire lord’s defeat, amputating his sword arm in shame for his failure to protect his master. In a haze from blood loss, he wandered into the wilderness to die. The corruption of the Cursed Forest gave him not death but something much worse.


"Gorecrusher the Behemoth" iconGorecrusher the Behemoth, a Level 83 V Blood Carrier, roams the Cursed Forest. Once a loyal warrior in Dracula’s army, Gorecrusher went mad after Dracula’s defeat and was transformed by the forest’s corruption. Defeating him grants a Tier 2 Spell Point and the spells "Mosquito" iconMosquito, Veil of Illusion, and "Mist Trance" iconMist Trance. Players also unlock recipes for Bat "Leather" iconLeather and Bat Leather Bag. Gorecrusher’s loot includes "Onyx Tear" iconOnyx Tear, Legendary Ancestral Greatsword Shard, "Flawless Ruby" iconFlawless Ruby, and Exquisite Heart. His attacks include Swipes, Slam Combo, Charge, Ground Slam, Leap, Charge Combo, Illusionary Summons, "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance, and summoning a Gorecrusher Soul at low health.


  • Swipes: Performs two wide swings followed by a thrust with his club arm.
  • Slam Combo: Roars and glows with Illusion magic before slamming down his club three times, stunning the player if it connects.
  • Charge: Prepares to charge a short distance, flipping and stunning the player if hit.
  • Ground Slam: Raises both arms as a damage circle appears. When the circle fills up, slams the ground, knocking back and damaging the player, and sending out five lines of shockwaves in random directions.
  • Leap: Leaps at the player if they get too far away, signaled by a damage circle filling up.
  • Charge Combo: At about 80% health, performs three long-range, non-stunning charges one after the other, attempting to intercept the player’s movement.
  • Illusionary Summons: At about 70% health, jumps away from the player, summoning an illusionary wolf and bear, applying a warping effect to the screen and becoming immune for 15 seconds.
  • "Wisp Dance" iconWisp Dance: At about 50% health, roars, slowing the player and summoning a large number of wisps from his center, which deal damage and apply weaken if they contact the player.
  • Soul Summon: At about 30% health, stops to roar and knock back the player, summoning a Gorecrusher Soul that acts as a clone and performs all attacks except Leap, "Wisp" iconWisp Dance, and Illusionary Summons. The soul can regenerate if killed, resuming attacks at half health until Gorecrusher is defeated.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 9481 Y: 5165
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