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Simon Belmont the Vampire Hunter V Blood Carriers (Dunley Farmlands)

In-game Description

This mysterious Vampire hunter has arrived from lands unknown on a fervent mission to cut down anything they might deem a threat to mankind. Monster and Vampire alike will find themselves the target of this strangers ire, and even worse, on the wrong end of the exotic stranger’s unique battle whip… an intriguing new tool of war.


"Simon Belmont the Vampire Hunter" iconSimon Belmont the Vampire Hunter is a uniquely level-scaling V Blood Carrier who starts at level 80 but always matches his opponent’s gear level. He patrols all the roads of Vardoran and can sometimes be found in the Colosseum. This mysterious vampire hunter from lands unknown is on a mission to eliminate any threats to mankind, targeting monsters and vampires with his exotic battle whip, the "Sanguine Whip" iconSanguine Whip.

Defeating Simon Belmont unlocks the recipe for the Sanguine Whip, a powerful weapon that reflects his unique combat style. As a wandering boss, he can be encountered in various biomes, including Dunley, Silverlight, and Farbane "Wood" iconWoods.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 7687 Y: 6970
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