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Rufus the Foreman V Blood Carriers (Farnbane Woods)

In-game Description

A lieutenant of the bandit forces charged with looking over the logging camp. Just because he’s an expert woodworker doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his way around a crossbow, though. He didn’t rise up in the bandit ranks for nothing.


"Rufus the Foreman" iconRufus the Foreman, a Level 20 V Blood Carrier, oversees the "Bandit Logging Camp" iconBandit Logging Camp in "Farbane Woods" iconFarbane Woods. Although he is an expert woodworker, his skills with a crossbow have helped him rise through the bandit ranks. His attacks are a mix of trapper and crossbowman abilities, making him a versatile and dangerous opponent.

Defeating Rufus rewards players with a Tier 1 Spell Point and the spell "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage. Players also unlock various structures, including the Woodworking Bench, Rustic Chair, Rustic Table, Vardoran Globe, Esoterica Reading Lectern, Circa Round Bookcase, Dignity Bench, and Dignity Podium, as well as the recipe for the Copper Crossbow. His attacks include Crossbow Bolt, Throw Net, Dodge Roll, Summon Minions, Rage, and Rapid Crossbow.


  • Crossbow Bolt: Standard attack, fires a crossbow bolt with a red glow in a straight line.
  • Throw Net: Similar to the Trapper ability, swings a net and throws it into an AoE indicator. Any player caught in the zone will be pinned in place for several seconds.
  • Dodge Roll: If the player gets too close, Rufus can dodge-roll away.
  • Summon Minions: Occasionally calls for a Thug and a Poacher to join the fight.
  • Rage: Shields himself and any nearby allies, similar to the "Blood Rage" iconBlood Rage ability he unlocks for the player.
  • Rapid Crossbow: At half health, says “I’m gonna call you target practice!” and fires eight crossbow bolts in rapid succession. The attack ends with a clinck sound.


  • Rufus’s attacks are a mix of trapper and crossbowman abilities.
  • Care should be taken when fighting him during the day due to limited shade in the logging camp.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 7941 Y: 9515
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