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Tristan the Vampire Hunter V Blood Carriers (Farnbane Woods)

In-game Description

A cold-blooded killer, and the scion of a long line of vampire hunters. Few are as prepared to face the rising tide of vampire threat as Tristan, and his drive to exterminate the last of the unholy threat is second to none.


"Tristan the Vampire Hunter" iconTristan the Vampire Hunter is a Level 44 V Blood Carrier who roams the roads of Farbane "Wood" iconWoods and Dunley Farmlands. As a cold-blooded killer from a long line of vampire hunters, Tristan is driven by his mission to exterminate the vampire threat. He is often found in the northern parts of Farbane Woods and the southern area of Dunley Farmlands. Bandits and Militia are passive towards him, but he is hostile towards Undead enemies. Defeating Tristan unlocks the Blood Hunger vampire power, a Tier 3 Spell Point, and the spells "Crimson Beam" iconCrimson Beam and "Heart Strike" iconHeart Strike. Additionally, players gain recipes for "Greater Blood Essence" iconGreater Blood Essence and the "Iron Greatsword" iconIron Greatsword.

Tristan’s attacks include a combination of fire and ice-based moves. His Flaming Strike ignites his sword, burning targets on contact, while his Icy Swing sweeps in a wide arc inflicting cold. He often uses these attacks consecutively. Tristan also employs a Lunge attack that stuns players, a Flaming Crossbow for ranged damage, and a Fire Bomb attack when at half health, which leaves flaming spots upon explosion. Players need to manage these attacks strategically to defeat him and claim the valuable rewards he offers, including possible loot like "Unsullied Heart" iconUnsullied Hearts.


Tristan will use the following two attacks consecutively:

  • Flaming Strike: Tristan lights his sword with fire and swipes forward in a straight line after a few seconds, causing burning on contact.
  • Icy Swing: Tristan coats his sword with ice and sweeps in a wide arc immediately, inflicting cold but not enough to cause a freeze.
  • Lunge: Tristan dives forward, thrusting his sword. This unblockable attack stuns the player if hit and is often followed by one of his sword attacks.
  • Flaming Crossbow: Tristan draws his crossbow and fires at the player, causing them to catch fire if hit. He typically uses this when the player is far away.

Additional Attacks (at half health):

  • Fire Bomb: Tristan throws a fire bomb that explodes into several smaller bombs, creating flaming spots on the ground. If the player is not near him afterward, he will likely fire his crossbow immediately.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 7487 Y: 9238
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