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Terrorclaw the Ogre V Blood Carriers (Hallowed Mountains)

In-game Description

A creature whose story has long since been lost to the ages, thought not without resemblance to some few legendary creatures that were once men. One cannot help but wonder what strange corruption has taken root in Vardoran.


"Terrorclaw the Ogre" iconTerrorclaw the Ogre, a Level 77 V Blood Carrier, can be found in the "Frozen Cave" iconFrozen Cave within the Hallowed Mountains. This creature, whose story is lost to the ages, bears resemblance to legendary beings that were once men, hinting at a strange corruption in Vardoran. Defeating Terrorclaw grants a Tier 3 Spell Point and the spells "Arctic Leap" iconArctic Leap and "Ice Block" iconIce Block. Additionally, players unlock the Advanced Tannery structure, enhancing their crafting capabilities.

During the fight, Terrorclaw employs several abilities. He uses Swipe, slamming forward to freeze targets, and Charge, leaping forward to bite. Slam creates lines of ice that form icicles after a delay, while Roar incapacitates nearby enemies. Icicles block most of his abilities, and Throw Ice targets players, stunning them on hit. Freezing Breath releases waves in a cone, freezing and scaling damage with proximity. Lastly, Arctic Leap involves a high jump and slam, causing AoE damage with frost novas upon landing. Players can mitigate damage using abilities like Ice Block or "Phantom Aegis" iconPhantom Aegis.


  • Swipe: Swipes in front of him, then slams forward, freezing targets.

  • Charge: Roars, then leaps forward and bites.

  • Slam: Slams the ground, creating three lines of ice. After a delay, icicles appear on the lines, freezing targets. "Ice Block" iconIce Block/"Phantom Aegis" iconPhantom Aegis can mitigate the damage if dodging is not an option.

  • Roar: Roars, incapacitating nearby enemies.

  • Icicles: Slams the ground multiple times, causing icicles to drop on the ground, blocking most abilities.

  • Throw Ice: Picks up an icicle and throws it at the player, stunning on hit. The projectile pierces other icicles on the ground and can be fully parried with abilities such as "Blood Rite" iconBlood Rite. ("Ward of the Damned" iconWard of the Damned appears to work as of the Gloomrot update).

  • Freezing Breath: Glows blue-white, then releases two waves in a large cone, freezing targets. Damage scales with proximity and is blocked by icicles.

  • "Arctic Leap" iconArctic Leap: Leaps into the air, slamming down in a large area, dealing AoE damage. Upon landing, four novas of frost radiate out from the center, freezing targets.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 9871 Y: 8470
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