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Icon Title Lore Description (Accessories) Location / How to Obtain Screenshots (Accessories) Armour Set Talent Prerequisites (Accessories) Must not have Features :
Item icon
Analyst's Helmet

When the wearer kills a target with an exploit using a Single…

Item icon
Ancient Terra Monocle

The wearer’s Lore (Imperium) tests depend on Fellowship instead…

Item icon
Arch-Strategist's Visor

The wearer gains an additional stratagem ability: all allies…

Found on the Upper Deck early in Chapter 4 void ship travel events.…

Item icon
Chartist's Monocle

This monocle grants the wearer a +15 bonus to Commerce.

Item icon
Commander's Monocle

Whenever an ally under the effect of the wearer’s Voice Of Command…

Item icon
Coordinate Oracle

The matrix grants the wearer a +15 bonus to Awareness.

Given as a gift during the epilogue of Chapter 2.

Item icon
Cultist Hood

Requires Heretical — Adherent When the wearer uses a psychic…

Cultist’s Lair in Footfall

Item icon
Deck Officer's Helmet

Grants +5% armour

Item icon
Enforcer Helmet

Purchase from Hieronymus Doloroso at Rank 0 Drusian Faction in…

"Enforcer Carapace" iconEnforcer Carapace Medium Armour
Item icon
Ethereal Visor

A creation of esotericist Magos who lift the veil separating…

Item icon
Eyes of Joyeuse

The wearer’s psy rating is increased by +1 against daemons and…

Item icon
Foulsight Veil

Grants a +15 bonus to Perception but a -5 penalty to Willpower.…

Item icon
Helm of Determination

Requires Conviction — Iconoclast The wearer of this helmet gains…

Item icon
Helmet of the Devoted Protector

Requires Dogmatic - Follower This helmet grants its wearer immunity…

Item icon
Interrogation Goggles

These goggles grant the wearer a +5 bonus to Lore (Xenos). They…

Item icon
Mark 8B3-5 Filter Gask Mark

The wearer gains +25 Athletics and becomes immune to toxin. …

Found behind the hidden door (Awareness check) next to the chief…

Item icon
Mechanicus Respirator

This respirator grants the wearer a +15 bonus to Medicae.

Item icon
Peripheral Visor

Each time the wearer spends 10 stacks of tactical advantage,…

Sold by the Kasballica Trader

Item icon
Pirate's Scarf

This scarf grants its wearer a +20 bonus to Coercion and applies…

Dark Hideout in the Shadow Quarters of Footfall.

Item icon
Tiara of Immateerium

The wearer gains +10 Willpower and suffers -50% less warp damage.…

Found in a Tech-Use chest through the door when exiting the secret…

Item icon
Provocateur's Helmet

Applies a —10 penalty to Perception for all attacks made against…

Item icon
Ranger's Visor

Grants a +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill.

Plundered Void Station on the Langrenn’s Belt star system.

Item icon
Arch-Machinators Deceit

Whenever the wearer uses an attack that is of a different type…

Defeat Tervantias in the Haemonculus’s Laboratory. Part of the…

Item icon
Tactical Genius

Whenever the wearer successfully dodges or parries an incoming…

Looted from a box hidden behind two Demolition checks (only one…

Item icon
Warp Seer's Goggles

Grants a +Bonus WP Lore (Warp)