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Yo-Kai Watch
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 27-02-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 05-07-2020 / 20:01 GMT

Beetle Battle

  • **Location** - Inside Jungle Hunter building (southeast corner of Uptown Springdale)
  • **Req** - Day
  • **Reward** - 33 XP, Bronze Doll
The man wants to get his son a Rhino Beetle, but only an ordinary one, so a rare one doesn't count. You can find them on Mount Wildwood, but it might be a little tricky finding the right spot. You should be able to find them on trees, but note that they are a bit rarer than most bugs. Plus, whenever you do encounter one, it won't have many chances of you actually getting it, so you'll want to use some Black Syrups to increase your chances.

Chickens Take Flight!

  • **Location** - Just inside of the school's front entrance
  • **Req** - Day
  • **Reward** - 28 XP, Chicken Thigh (x3)
There are five chickens in the school that you need to find, and all of them are marked on your map with a blue flag. You'll find two on the first floor (south); one will be in a classroom on the right side and the other will be next to some stairs on the far left. Take those stairs to the second floor and head to the long vertical hallway on the right side to find the third chicken. Go to the north section of the second floor and to the northwest corner, then go downstairs to the first floor (north) to find another chicken. Head up to the third floor to find the last chicken in the library on the right side.

Hungry Lulu

  • **Location** - Outside front entrance of Everymart (Uptown Springdale)
  • **Req** - Day
  • **Reward** - 31 XP, Hamburger (x2), Cheeseburger
Scan the area right next to Lulu to find a Hungramps. Talk to him to find out he wants a Plum Rice Ball. If you don't already have one in your inventory, go inside the store right next to you and purchase one. Next he wants a Soul Tea, which you can get from a vending machine. Go to the one west (female)/south (male) of your house to purchase it. Talk to Lulu to finish.

School Pranks

  • **Location** - In teacher's office on 1F inside school
  • **Req** - Day
  • **Reward** - 35 XP, Support Life #7, Fruit Drops
Some pranksters have switched around some items in the school and the Janitor wants you to find them. Head next door to the Principal's Office and look at the left wall to find the **Composer Portrait** . In the same area, go to the left side of the map to the Nurse's Office to find the **Principal Photo** on the desk. Head up to the second floor and to the Science Lab in the bottom right to find the **Yo-kai Guide** in the lower right corner. You find find a **Thermometer** on the front desk of the Library on the third floor. The final item, the **Frog Anatomy** , is located in the Music Room on the third floor, which is on the opposite side of the Library.

Sneeze School

  • **Location** - Playground just east of the school
  • **Req** - Day, Clear weather
  • **Reward** - 42 XP, Nasty Medicine (x2)
There are three Yokai that are hidden in the immediate area, who you have to defeat after finding them. The first one (Snotsolong) is found just to the right of the lady. The second one (Coughkoff) is found on the left side of the dome thing up the stairs. The third Yokai (Dulluma) is found underneath the slide. Return once you've gotten rid of three to finish.

The Buzzkill Baker

  • **Location** - Inside of Banter Bakery
  • **Req** - Day
  • **Reward** - 38 XP, Blehgel
The baker is in Shady Back Alley, which is behind the Fish Market. Talk to him and then look for a Yokai in the area that's down the stairs from him. Defeat the Negatibuzz, talk to the baker again, then return to the questgiver.

Some Requests will require you to find the Yokai causing the trouble (left) or even ask you to befriend a particular one to help (right).

The Invisible Girl

  • **Location** - On east side of school grounds
  • **Req** - Day, Clear weather
  • **Reward** - 39 XP, Dancing Star (x2)
Use your Lens to reveal a Dimmy next to the tree just east of the girls. Talk to him to start a battle, then return to Shelly to finish.

The Too-Visible Girl

  • **Location** - Behind vehicle to left of Everymart
  • **Req** - Day
  • **Reward** - 32 XP, Li'l Angel Heals, Defense Talisman
The idol wants to evade some fans who have been following, with Whisper suggesting that you bring back Dimmy. You can find him underneath pretty much any car or vending machine and once you've befriended him, bring him back to the lady. Watch the short scene that follows and then you'll be finished.

Y-Cola to the Rescue!

  • **Location** - West of female MC's house/South of male MC's house
  • **Req** - Day
  • **Reward** - 17 XP, 10-Cent Gum, Gooey Candy, Giant Cracker
Buy a Y-Cola and return it to the woman. Go east and slightly north from questgiver to find a vending machine with the drink. It costs $1.20.

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