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Rivington Baldur's Gate

How to Find / Access

Baldur’s Gate, Act 3.


  • Abandoned Windmill
  • Angleiron’s Cellar
  • Arfur’s Mansion
  • Circus of the Last Days
  • Gur Camp
  • Open Hand Temple
  • Requisitioned Barn
  • Sword Coast Couriers
  • The "Rivington" iconRivington General

Notable Loot

  • Corpsegrinder
  • Key with a flower motif
  • Mind Flayer Brain
  • Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen
  • Necklace of Elemental Augmentation
  • Stillmaker
  • Supreme Elixir of Arcane Cultivation
  • Windmill Key

Notable NPCs

  • Arfur Gregorio
  • Father Bills
  • Father Clements
  • Father Donnick
  • Ferg Drogher
  • Gyldro Angleiron the Smith
  • Lilly Beanbottom
  • Manip Nestor
  • Orin
  • Sister Rose the Penitent
  • Sister Yannis
  • Ulma
  • Valeria

Notes / Other Information

Location Overview:
"Rivington" iconRivington is situated south of the Sword Coast Couriers and northwest of Artur’s Mansion. A notable establishment in the area is The Rivington General, a blacksmith shop. Adjacent to the blacksmith is a store, accessible by a door behind the blacksmith. The store is managed by Exxvikyap, who offers a unique dialogue experience if you’re a Dragonborn.

Entering The Rivington General:

  1. Upon visiting The Rivington General, located south of Sword Coast Couriers and northwest of Artur’s Mansion, head upstairs to encounter Gyldro Angleiron the Smith.
  2. Gyldro Angleiron will direct you to the store downstairs for purchases, displaying his irritability.
  3. Access the store by finding the door behind the blacksmith.
  4. Descend the stairs to reach the store and engage with the clerk, Exxvikyap.

Dialogue Choices for Dragonborn:
First Set:

“Are you the one that sells the smith’s weapons?”
“[DRAGONBORN] Have a little dignity, fledgling. You’re giving me a headache.”
“Show me your wares.”
“[DRAGONBORN] A rather menial job you’ve landed, fledgling. What path has brought you to such service as this?”
Second Set (Based on Choice 2 from First Set):

“You’re certainly a lot friendlier than your boss.”
“Really? Customer service is your idea of the best job ever?”
“Well, it’s your lucky day. I’ve come to look at your wares.”
“Back away slowly.”

Viewing Exxvikyap’s Wares:

After choosing one of the dialogue options, you’ll gain access to Exxvikyap’s inventory.

Exploring the Area:

  1. Depart The Rivington General and venture westward to the Circus of the Last Days. This location is situated south of the Open Hand Temple.
  2. For a comprehensive guide to navigating the Circus of the Last Days, refer to the dedicated page for this area.

Notes & Tips:

  • A potent mind-flayer brain granting illithid power is concealed in the Abandoned Windmill within Rivington.
  • To embark on the quest “"Investigate the Suspicious Toys" iconInvestigate the Suspicious Toys,” thoroughly search the basement of Arfur’s Mansion.
  • The "Sentient Amulet" iconSentient Amulet can be returned, yielding a free Hideous Laughter spell in return.
  • Locate another tadpole on a ship at coordinates X-215, Y132.
  • Discover "Clown's Severed Torso" iconClown’s Severed Torso close to Shapeshifter assassins in the cave beneath the Open Hand Temple at coordinates X65, Y-1025.


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