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Glyph of Warding Abjuration

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Inscribe a circle of arcane glyphs on the ground. When stepped on by an enemy the selected magical effect will trigger:

  • "Sleep" iconSleep - Step on it and fall asleep. Sleeping enemies are under the same Diasdvantage, crit guarantee and attacker advantage as regular sleep CC effects.
  • Detonation - Push back.
  • "Thunder" iconThunder - 5d8 Thunder Damage
  • "Lightning" iconLightning - 5d8 Lightning Damage.
  • "Fire" iconFire - 5d8 Fire Damage.
  • "Cold" iconCold - 5d8 Cold Damage.
  • "Acid" iconAcid - 5d8 Acid Damage.

All rolls will do Dex checks. If they are passed on Sleep or Detonation they ignore the CC effects. On the damage types, they take half damage.

Location / Where to Find

Level 5 "Bard" iconBard, "Cleric" iconCleric "Wizard" iconWizard.

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