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Eyebite Necromancy

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

The target in a 60-ft radius must succeed on a Wis. Sickened.

A spell that causes your eyes to become black corridors walled in teeth. The spell allows you to cast either a Panicked, Sickened, or Asleep effect at a caster. For ten turns while concentrating, you can recast the spell without expending a spell slot.

  • Panicked: Applies Fearful, a 10 turn effect with Wisdom saving throws. Once applied, the affected creatures has Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Attack Rolls.
  • Sickened: 10 Turns Poisoned with Constitution Saving "Throw" iconThrow. Suffers Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Attack Rolls.
  • Asleep: 10 Turn Sleeping effect, preventing moves or acts while affected. The creature automatically fails STR and Dex saving throws. Attacks made against the target have Advantage, and can critically hit if the target is within melee range of the sleeping for. Any damage will wake the creature.

The consistent ability to get a target back into "Sleep" iconSleep is what makes this spell really good. In some instances it can outperform "Hold Person" iconHold Person in terms of consistently holding a target. However, Hold Person or "Hold Monster" iconHold Monster does not mean the user is stuck recasting this spell. So, it’s worth noting its strengths and weaknesses here.

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