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Gremlin Wildlife


"Gremlin" iconGremlin is the third strongest of the reptilian-amphibian creatures (Level 70, 58,770 HP) in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. It is found during Missions M2-5-5, M6-6-4 & M9-4-3 and is a yellow variant of the species.

When killed it drops a "Magic Stone" iconMagic Stone or a ★ "Mind Stone" iconMind Stone (as a rare drop). A "Crystal Bracelet" iconCrystal Bracelet can be stolen or 2X ★ "Steal" iconSteal Materia as a rare steal. Like all the other enemies of this type it has an elemental affinity towards "Fire" iconFire, this time Absorbing all Fire damage. Most Status effects/attacks will not work except "Gravity" iconGravity, "Blast Wave" iconBlast Wave & "Zantetsuken" iconZantetsuken. It is not interruptible and as it does not float is susceptible to ground based attacks such as "Quake" iconQuake.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M2-5-5, M6-6-4, M9-4-3

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"Magic Stone" iconMagic Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Mind Stone" iconMind Stone ★ ×1 Fusion Items


"Crystal Bracelet" iconCrystal Bracelet ×1 Accessories
"Steal" iconSteal ★ ×2 Command Materia


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