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It's Elementary

Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Watson.

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Game: Cyberpunk 2077
Type: Silver
Rarity: 0.20% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Completionist

This Trophy/Achievement will require you to complete all Gigs and Hustles that are available in Watson. Below you’ll find all the Gigs that Watson has to offer:

  1. Bloodsport
  2. Backs against the Wall
  3. Catch a Tyger’s Toe
  4. Dirty Biz
  5. Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy
  6. Flight of the Cheetah
  7. Freedom of the Press
  8. Hippocratic Oath
  9. Last Login
  10. Lousy Kleppers
  11. Monster Hunt
  12. Many Ways to Skin a Cat
  13. Occupational Hazard
  14. Playing For Keeps
  15. Rite of Passage
  16. Shark in the Water
  17. Small Man, Big Evil
  18. Scrolls Before Swine
  19. Troublesome Neighbors
  20. The Heisenberg Principle
  21. Woman of La Mancha
  22. Welcome to America, Comrade

Refer to the Hustles sections of the guides to find in-depth walkthroughs on how to complete these.

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