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Woman of La Mancha

Ben Chard
Nathan Garvin
, &
Shane Williams
Subdistrict Prerequisite Type
Kabuki Street Cred Lv 1 Gun for Hire


Woman of La Mancha is a Gig you’ll encounter in Cyberpunk 2077. This is a Gun for Hire type Gig located in Kabuki and is available from Street Cred Lv 1.

Head to Kabuki

To begin this Gig and get it marked on your Journal, make your way to Kabuki and go to the Kabuki Market Fast Travel, to the north, to have Regina give you a call with the details. Your target this time around is locating Anna Hamill.

Make your way to Kabuki Market to begin the Gig.

Ask around the market about Anna Hamill (Optional)

The first part of this job is simply locating and reaching her and there are a number of ways to go about this. To begin with, keep the objective in mind and begin speaking to people around the market. Several of the people here will offer solutions to your problem, they are as follows:

  1. Listen to Imad’s conversation with the Street Vendor. Go and speak to him after and you can press him for information based on your Life Path. €$600 if you’re Corpo however if you’re Street Kid, you can threaten him whereas Nomad’s get the information free of charge.

  2. Speak to a prostitute on the east side of the market. If you tell her you’re not a cop, you’ll be charged €$600 again for the info.

  3. Speak to the Ripperdoc, Robert, found in the market here and if your Street Cred is high enough, he’ll give you the information.

Alternatively, you can do the legwork yourself and track her down free of charge. Head over to the Hotel and either pay €$151 to get a room and thus, inside or use the door on the side if you have Technical 6 to pass the skill check. Once inside, open another door with a Technical 4 requirement and search the computer’s messages to get the room location, 303.

(1 of 7) Listen to Imad's conversation before speaking to him

Confront Anna Hamill

The task now is to gain entry to Room 203 where Anna is currently located. The easiest way of doing this is via the Hotel itself, either by paying to gain entry or using the Technical Skill check detailed above. Once inside, take the staircase up to the top and you’ll locate Room 303 straight in front of you.

A Skill check of Technical 6 will be your easiest route inside however if you lack that, head down one flight of stairs and open the door directly below for a more lenient Technical 4 check. Finally, if you lack that, you can use the market itself to reach the balcony by leaping across the stalls.

Once you get inside, remain stationary and let the conversation play out, any other movement will result in a shootout which will leave Anna dead. Seeing as she’s one of the few good cops in Night City, try to keep her alive and opt for a peaceful solution. You can choose to put the blame on her superiors at the NCPD and the Gig will conclude (this prolongs her fate a little longer) alternatively, you can use the Nomad Life Path to talk her into leaving town, the only outcome that sees her survive.

(1 of 2) You can simply head up to Anna's door and enter with a Technical 6 check

You can simply head up to Anna's door and enter with a Technical 6 check (left), once inside, point her toward the NCPD to resolve the situation peacefully. (right)


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