Subdistrict Prerequisite Type
Kabuki Street Cred Lv 1 Agent Saboteur


Welcome to America, Comrade is a Gig you’ll encounter in Cyberpunk 2077. This is an Agent Saboteur type Gig located in Kabuki and is available from Street Cred Level 1.

Find the container with the vehicle

Note: There’s an optional objective to complete this job without being detected. However, this guide will take you through this job using a stealth approach.

Tip: If the enemy you’re facing has a red skull icon above their head, then dont attempt a takedown, as they’ll be able to resist causing you to get detected.

Head to the Docks in Kabuki and you’ll notice some NCPD standing guard. Here you’ll have two options to get inside. If you have your Tech at Level 6, then take a left and break through the fence. If you don’t, then use the vending to the right of the NCPD to climb up onto the control booth and drop down behind the guards before sneaking over to the containers.

(1 of 5) You can enter the dock via the fence on the left if your Tech is at Level 6

Once you’re inside, follow the path around the leftside of the building, but watch out for the camera on the side of the building and the Robot R Mk. IIs which are roaming around. Upon reaching the blue container, plant the transmitter onto the car, then escape the area. You can do this by either climbing up onto the container and jumping over the fence or by going out the same way you came in. Finally, go over to the nearest drop point and collect your reward to complete the job.

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