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Lair of the Despoiler Scosglen Dungeon

In-Game Description

A dark corruption has entered these halls.
A side quest dungeon that is only active during "The Old Ways" iconThe Old Ways side quest. It is filled with "Burning Dead" iconBurning Dead skeleton enemies, Hellion, "Pit Lord" iconPit Lords and other demons.

  • Objective: Slay the "Wildwood" iconWildwood - 0/3

  • Objective: Activate the Sacred Stones - 0/3

  • Objective: Get Yuein’s Transcription from Scholar Yuein.
    The ritual scroll is gone but Scholar Yuein can recreate it from the druid stones inside the Lair. I should speak to him at the tree to get a copy.

  • Objective: Bring Yuein’s Transcription to Shob’ha.
    I have the scroll. I should return to Shob’ha so she can prepare the ritual.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 8254 Y: 4884

Only accessible during the side quest "The Old Ways" iconThe Old Ways.

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