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Den of the Blighted Season 1 Dungeon

In-Game Description

Craft a Vicious Invoker to clear the outgrowths within.

Dungeon Affixes

Malignant Enemies:

All Elite enemies can convey Hearts withing this tunnel; an outgrowth found within can summon a powerful enemy with the use of a matching Invoker.


  • Destroy the Malignant Corruption: 3
  • Slay Tsula Vahn, Malignant Prophet
  • (Optional) Capture the Malignant Heart


"Blackguard" iconBlackguard Bandits
"Cleric" iconCleric Knights
"Dreadknight" iconDreadknight Knights
"Herald" iconHerald Knights
Knight Errant Knights
"Nangari Longfang" iconNangari Longfang Snakes
Nangari Spitter Snakes
Plagued Creeper Spiders
Raider Drowned
Serpent Cultist Cultists
Serpent Cult Magus Cultists
Skulker Drowned
Toxic Lurker Spiders

Detailed Location

  • Located in the Dismal Foothills sub-region of Hawezar, to the northwest of Ruins of Rakhat Keep waypoint.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 12232 Y: 14820
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