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Cleric Knights


Robed holymen who wield staffs and cast holy magic to attack. They can buff their allies and are predominantly found in Hawezar.

Found In

"Bastion of Faith" iconBastion of Faith Hawezar Dungeon
Bedeviled Grotto Season 1 Dungeon
"Crusaders' Cathedral" iconCrusaders' Cathedral Kehjistan Dungeon
"Den of the Blighted" iconDen of the Blighted Season 1 Dungeon
"Heathen's Keep" iconHeathen's Keep Hawezar Dungeon
"Heretics Asylum" iconHeretics Asylum Kehjistan Dungeon
"Light's Refuge" iconLight's Refuge Hawezar Dungeon
"Lost Keep" iconLost Keep Hawezar Dungeon
"Maugan's Works" iconMaugan's Works Hawezar Dungeon

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 10744 Y: 15373
Marker screenshot

2. Sanctuary Map

X: 10255 Y: 15256
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