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Blind Burrows Hawezar Dungeon

In-Game Description

The spiders here have acquired a taste for flesh.


  • Slay the Infested Villagers (3)
  • Travel to Midnight Haven
  • Defeat the "Broodguard" iconBroodguard


Blind Burrows is not the place to visit if you have arachnophobia. This spider-infested hell-hole resides deep undergound and is filled with just about every eight-legged variety of enemy you can think of. It also contains plenty of one of Diablo IV’s most annoying enemies - the "Arachnid Horror" iconArachnid Horror - annoying because after you have spent a good while killing one, especially in Elite versions, it then throws out a load of Toxic Lurkers and Plagued Creepers to deal with after, slowing down your progress. It does mean you’re going to benefit from a "Elixir of Beast Slaying" iconElixir of Beast Slaying though.

The dungeon itself is pretty straightforward. You are only tasked with finding and killing the three Webwalkers (Infested Villagers) who are spread throughout the map. These are Elite Arachnid "Horror" iconHorrors also, so when you defeat one it spawns a load of secondary enemies to kill before progress can be made to the next one.

One you have located and dispatched all three you can make your way to the Midnight Haven where you take on the tough boss, the "Broodguard" iconBroodguard to complete the dungeon and collect the "Aspect of the Tempest" iconAspect of the Tempest.

While not requiring any great technique as such to defeat it, the Broodguard will spawn a lot of spider-type enemies including Arachnid Horrors. It is best therefore to concentrate on the boss, as killing off the horrors will merely multiply the enemies you are faced with with what they they spawn on death.

XP Farming

Blind Burrows is a dungeon that has been used by players to farm large amounts of XP - if you want to read our page on exactly how to do that, head over here.


"Arachnid Horror" iconArachnid Horror Spiders
"Spider" iconSpider Spiders
Toxic Lurker Spiders
"Plague Maggot" iconPlague Maggot Wildlife
Plagued Creeper Spiders
"Broodguard" iconBroodguard Bosses


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 11477 Y: 16532
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