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Anyone who has played a couple of Halo games will know that they often include numerous Easter Eggs for adventurous players to find. Halo: Combat Evolved had the mysterious Megg, Halo 2 introduced skulls and a giant soccer ball, Halo 3 had a carboard cut-outone of its project leads hidden in a dark corner and a mysterious monkey family and Halo: Reach had a fan gallery, a covenant rave party, a secret racing mini game.

Those are but a few of the littany of Eggs Halo fans have encountered over the years and despite the shift in developer, Halo 4 certainly looks to be continuing the trend. There are Easter Eggs that have been hidden throughout all three main playing modes: Campaign, Spartan Ops and Multiplayer.

Single Player Campaign Easter Eggs

Here is a list of the single player campaign Easter Eggs listed by mission and in order of appearance:

Mission: Dawn

1. Master Chief’s Service Record:

After exiting the pod at the start of the mission, you’ll head down a hallway with a yellow hologram visible in the room at the far end. If you look to the left as you move towards it, you’ll find some stairs heading down. If you follow them tot he bottom you can find a terminal that will give you a brief overview of master chief’s exploits to date. this is covered in the above walkthrough and by checking it out, you will also earn the achievement ‘Digging up the Past’.

2. Limited Edition Halo 4 Box:

There are seven hidden limited edition Halo 4 boxes hidden around the first level, either the limited edition was based on these items or the developers loved them so much that they decided to include them. Either way, its a nice touch to see it in-game. For the record, the production number for all of them is 256478964. Here are the locations:

  1. On the floor just to the left of the cryo tube you were in at the start of the mission.

  2. From the first case, look along the right hand wall. You’ll find this one in front of the cryo tube labelled ‘08’.

  3. From the first case, look along the right hand wall. You’ll find this one in front of the cryo tube labelled ‘06’.

  4. When you reach the room with the malfunctioning hologram in the center and the red flash of light passes through to unlock the door at the far end of the room. Before going through, look in the side room on the right and you’ll find this one on the floor.

  5. After climbing the elevator shaft, you will enter a control room filled with covenant forces. Head up the ramp to where the elite was standing and you’ll find this one along the railing to the right.

  6. In the same room, stand at the bottom of the ramp and go down the stairs to the left. At the bottom, immediately turn left and follow the wall. You’ll find the case just in front of the next set of stairs you come across.

  7. In the same room again, on the opposite side of the room from the entrance. Its on the glass floor, beneath a crate that is leaning on another crate nearby.

Mission: Requiem

1. Dr Halsey Audio Recording:

From the start of the mission, look over to the right and enter the first large flaming wreckage. Kill the elite limping around in here and examine the blue glowing screen nearby to hear Dr Halsey talking about something to come…

2. Covenant Battlenet:

From the above location, exit the wreckage and walk straight froward towards the crashed covenant ship. Work your way around the back of this and climb the slope and back onto a higher up part of the wreckage. Here you will find a covenant device we can interact with.

Mission 3: Reclaimer

1. That Double Rainbow Again!:

The double rainbow meme is back! After featuring recently in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Borderlands 2, Halo 4 is the next title to give it a bit of air time. Its quite easy to find and not too far out of the way. Once the mammoth you are escorting crosses the river and stops. Continue a short way round the corner and you will see a large watrerfall over the cliff to the left, here you will see the double rainbow in front.


1. Conan O’Brien cameo in Halo 4:

At the very start of the mission, go down the first ramp and from the bottom continue straight ahead, past the objective marker and keep going to the far left corner of the hangar. You will find two guards standing next to crates here. Hang around for a few moments and you’ll hear Conan O’Brien and his sidekick Andy Richter have a humorous conversation.


1. Mech Control Inversion Egg:

After speaking with Dr Tilson for the first time, you’ll find yourself out in a large open area. Ignore the objective marker telling you to go to the right and instead, if you run directly across the rocky area from where you enter, you will find a similar ramp and structure with a sign reading ‘Ivanoff Station’ to the right. Here you will find a pair of guards testing a Mantis with some humorous dialogue regarding inverted controls.

2. Dancing Grunts:

As you enter the second control room, the sub-chapter title ‘All Things Lost and Found…’ should pop up. As they do, run over to the window and look below, there will be a group of grunts dancing. Whilst its not as good as Halo: Reach’s nightclub Egg or Halo 2’s Grunt Birthday Party skull dancing circle, it is still pretty cool to watch.

Spartan Ops Easter Eggs

Spartan ops features a number of Easter Eggs based around dialogue from the popular Halo fan-made mini series Red vs Blue. They can be found and activated in the following missions by simply shooting small, hidden-away yellow boxes in the locations specified.

1. Red vs Blue Egg 1:

Mission: Episode 1, Chapter 5 ‘Core’

When you fight your way to the top of the first structure, instead of following the objective marker to go and hit the switch, instead hop up on the short railing opposite the top of the ramp you climbed up. From here look down to the right to see the yellow box sitting on the ground close to the edge of the lava flow. Shooting this will activate Red vs Blue dialogue that will replace the mission’s radio chatter in certain spots.

2. Red vs Blue Egg 2:

Mission: Episode 2, Chapter 5 ‘Gagarin’

Soon after starting he mission, you will enter a large, uninhabited room. If you follow the left hand wall you will find the entrance to an overgrown cave. enter this and continue until you reach a fork in the path. at this point, look up at to the left to see the box up on a rocky ledge half obscured by a cheekily placed fern. Shooting this will activate Red vs Blue dialogue that will replace the mission’s radio chatter in certain spots.

3. Red vs Blue Egg 3:

Mission: Episode 3, Chapter 4 ‘Shootout in Valhalla’

As you begin the mission, immediately look up and to the right, on top of the tree here you will find another one of those yellow boxes that signal one of the Red vs Blue Easter Eggs. Shooting this will activate Red vs Blue dialogue that will replace the mission’s radio chatter in certain spots.

4. Red vs Blue Egg 4:

Mission: Episode 4, Chapter 2 ‘Rally Point’

From the start of the mission, leg it across the field until you can see the large tower in the distance, pull out a scoped weapon and look on a platform near the top of the tower on the right hand side to find another yellow box. As per usual, shooting this will activate Red vs Blue dialogue that will replace the mission’s radio chatter in certain spots.

5. Red vs Blue Egg 5:

Mission: Episode 5, Chapter 5 ‘Spartan Thorne’

As you start the mission, immediately turn around. Look over at the rocky cliff in the distance just to the right. You should be able to see the familiar yellow box up on a ledge (easier to spot with a scope!). Shooting this will activate Red vs Blue dialogue that will replace the mission’s radio chatter in certain spots.

Multiplayer Easter Egg

1. Immature Holograms

If you have ever played halo multiplayer online before you will no doubt have encountered the phenomenon that is tea-bagging - players crouching and standing over and over on your corpse once you have been taken out. In Halo 4, try using the Hologram armor ability whilst near a dead body and it will perform the tea-bagging move just for you!

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