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Lasers Combat

In-game Description

Personal laser weapons are in widespread use across the Settled Systems, and specialized training can greatly increase their effectiveness.

Category iconRank 1

Laser weapons do 10% more damage.

Category iconRank 2

Laser weapons do 20% more damage.

Category iconRank 3

Laser weapons do 30% more damage.

Category iconRank 4

Laser weapons have a 5% chance to set a target on fire.


Cyberneticist Backgrounds
Explorer Backgrounds
Xenobiologist Backgrounds

Skill Rank

Icon for <span>Lasers - Rank 1</span> Lasers - Rank 1, Icon for <span>Lasers - Rank 2</span> Lasers - Rank 2, Icon for <span>Lasers - Rank 3</span> Lasers - Rank 3, Icon for <span>Lasers - Rank 4</span> Lasers - Rank 4

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