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Check the Monolith at the ruins entrance and then take a left at the first split and follow the dead end to a chest with the Hanging Hair (left) fashion item. Backtrack the long way to the split, since you still don’t have Edna’s map action, and continue northeast to the next clearing where a Sage hides next to the boulder in the north.

There’s only one way to go, so head southeast to the crumbled ruins and examine it for the Husk of an Ancient Structure discovery and Crawling with Hellions skit and then open the chest to the south for an Elixir , which will automatically trigger the Score! It’s Elixir! skit.

To the south of the discovery is a chest with an Elixir (left), which will automatically trigger a skit (right).

You can now follow the path southwest to another split and head north first to collect a chest with the Bamboo Stack and then make sure to speak with Spirri at the dead end to add them to your Lord of the Land.

Backtrack the way you came and exit to the south and then take either path to the clearing with a Monolith and Apple Gel . Continue to follow the linear path again to find a Monolith and in the northwest corner you’ll find a Thorny Vest . You can now make your way to the objective marker to encounter the optional boss.

Make sure to recruit Spirri in the first area (left) and the vest in the second (right).

Boss: Evil Plantasm

HP Category Weakness Resistance
4,755 Apodous Neutral Fire, Water
Drops: **Anomalous Orb**

The smaller plants should be the focus of your attacks, since they feed off the boss’ power to increase their own through Power Linking. Set your party to “Spread Out” so that they all focus on the minions first and once those are defeated you can focus on the boss.

Due to the resistances of this boss you’ll probably want to stick to martial artes, rather than armatizing, and make sure to guard whenever you’re not on the attack and try to attack from behind when possible to avoid the boss’ wide reach.

Focus on the boss while your allies take out the smaller enemies (left).

Watch the scene that follows and then use the Lord of the Land to warp back to Marlind to view the outcome of your efforts.

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