Find the Way to the Solarii Base

After speaking to Roth, head to the nearby day camp to hear Lara’s Journal: Ancient Guardians and then jump into the water to the left of the bridge to find a Statue (9/10) . Wade up the river to find some Salvage in a net and a Salvage crate near more Salvage in a metal crate.

Light the brazier next to the wooden platform and then pull the second brazier over to light it. You’ll then need to jump over the river and stand beneath the hanging Salvage to pull the second brazier over to light it. Stay on the this side of the river and follow the water to find the GPS Cache 13 and then return toward the camp.

Use the braziers to collect the salvage and then grab the GPS Cache nearby.

Face the bridge and make a rope bride to the bound tree on the left and follow the path to the end to find the GPS Cache 14 . Cross the arch for some Salvage and the final Statue (10/10) and then take out the three Solarii below.

Create a rope bridge to the large building and and collect the GPS Cache 15 before blowing through the barricade for a scene. Climb to the upper floor by using the and grabbing the banister above to find a Food Cache and the Ancient Scrolls - Hoshi: At Her Side .

Grab the GPS Cache outside the building and the document on the second floor.

Destroy the other barricade in this building and collect the Plant and Salvage hanging on the porch and then jump the gap to return to the Mountain Village.

Since you previously cleared out this area after the plane crash, provided you’ve been following this whole guide, so the only things that need to be gained are those that need the shotgun.

Head to the nearby camp and fast travel to the Village Overlook Base Camp and take the zipline. Inside the first building you can shoot through a barricade to find the Ancient Scrolls - General: The Oath document and then return to the lower village.

Enter the second floor of the large building near the older plane crash and blast through the barricade to light the brazier and then exit the other side of the building and rope arrow the brazier into the hanging Salvage . Return to the roof of the same building, where you grabbed some eggs, and cross to the ledge and break through another barricade for Salvage x2 .

Use the shotgun to blast through barricades and collect what you couldn’t before.

After collecting all these items, return to the Village Plateau Base Camp and create a rope bridge to return to the building across the river.

Descend Down the Mountain to the Solarii Base

There is only one path that hasn’t been explored, so leap over the gap and slide down the rope for a scene. You can either wait for the men to check the building and then walk away or take out all three Solarii with some quick headshots.

Loot the bodies for a Shotgun part and take the right path to avoid walking into any of the Solarii as you descend. Kill two Solarii working their way up the hill and then cross the arch and jump into the wreck. If you look through the gaps you should be able to deal with the three remaining Solarii.

Be careful as you descent the mountain, since there are a number of Solarii.

There’s no where else to go now except to try and cross the river, which is too powerful and will take Lara for a ride. Use the controls to stay away from the sharp spikes on the sides of the river, as well as the plane propeller and prepare to fire the Shotgun when the game goes into slow-mo.

After a short scene, press Square/X to pull the main chute and then O/B for the backup. You’ll then need to maneuver Lara through the trees until she finally lands. [100 XP]

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