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Search for Food

With the rain abating and Lara probably starving, head down the ridge and into the forest to look for grub to spot a corpse hanging from the tree above.

Find a Weapon to Hunt Deer

To reach the Makeshift Longbow , climb the side of the bunker and jump off the other side to the tree across from the bow. Reach for the bow at the right moment, when it is closest, to make it all yours. [250 XP]

The bow is high up in a nearby tree on the back of a hanging corpse.

Collect Meat from the Deer

Time to test out your new bow! Using standard aim and fire commands (L1 or L2/LB to aim and R1 or R2/RB to fire) head out into the forest in search of deer.

Move slowly and keep your distance to avoid scaring the animals, making them harder to hit, and when you have an animal in your sights hold down the fire button while aiming at the target’s head to focus the fire for a one-hit kill. If the deer doesn’t die, follow the wounded creature and take a second shot to kill it and then approach for a scene. [150 XP]

Aim for the head to quickly kill a deer and collect its meat for some XP.

Return to Camp with the Meat

At this point the game begins to open up and there are loads of collectibles in this area, as well as a Challenge.

From the bunker look into the tree that the corpse was hanging from to shoot the Totem (1/10) and then run past the tree, following the path to an overturned truck with the Wartime Intelligence - Soldier: Oni Stalkers document. Return to the stream and head upstream a bit and then turn around to spot a wooden walkway that you can scramble up to. Follow the walkway to the end and scramble up another wall to the right to reach a dead end with the GPS Cache 1 .

The overturned truck near the bunker contains a document (left), while the walkway across the stream has a GPS Cache at its end (right).

Return to the stream and follow it all the way to the bottom, where you drop down a short waterfall, and turn around to find the GPS Cache 2 . Facing the waterfall, turn right to spot a fallen tree across a gap and a Totem (2/10) hanging from the right side of the tree. Head back to the top of the waterfall and check the large rock in the center of the area to find another walkway with the GPS Cache 3 .

Hop off the other side of the walkway to drop back to the ground and then turn right and check the trees for another Totem (3/10) , easily spotted with Survival Instincts to highlight it. Check the dark outskirts of the forest to the south for a Plant .

Totems can be easily spotted by using Survival Instincts (left), so look around carefully to spot them.

Walk west into a clearing and then north, where two rocks will form a gap, and check the left side of the left rock formation for another Totem (4/10) . If you continue west to the wall and then follow the wall back toward the Base Camp you’ll find another Plant and can then return to camp.

The final Totem (5/10) for this area is located past the camp, so crawl under the outcropping and when Lara uncrouches look out at the trees to find it hanging from the branches.

The remaining Totems in this area are located on the side of a rock at the center of the map (left) and past the outcropping near the Base Camp (right).

Return to Base Camp once again and use it to purchase a skill and then back out of the menu for a scene. [150 XP]

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