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End the Storms by Stopping the Ascension Ritual

Pry open the doors to enter the Chasm Ziggurat and then cross the bridge for a scene. You won’t be able to follow Mathius and Sam directly, so head left to find a Food Cache and then create a rope bridge to the rocky wall above.

Climb around the inside of the wall to reach a walkway and then hop on the icy wall and circle the outside of the tower. In the next area, pull the bell sideways into the path of the wind to bust through the doorway and continue.

Climb the wooden beams and create a rope bridge from the post to the bell across the way and then climb up, jumping when the game goes into slo-mo. Keep moving around the outskirts of the icy tower, climbing the remains of the buildings and walls until you reach the top.

Make your way through the crumbling buildings, blasting wind, and icy walls to reach the top.

After spotting Sam and the Sun Queen, hop down and make your way forward as waves of Solarii make their presence known.

Use the cover areas to your advantage and don’t get locked in on one target, as Solarii have a habit of popping up from the other side when you are focused on a single side. Once the ground units are gone, focus on the enemies in the building to the right and then move forward for a short scene.

The wind will knock over the tower and remove the boards, creating a path for Lara. Scramble up the wall and head down the other side for another scene and then dispatch more Solarii. Use the explosive barrels on the roof of the building to finish off the men throwing dynamite and continue forward. After a scene, jump across to the pillar and then to the rocky wall to enter the icy clearing.

Use the cover as you make your way around the outskirt of the ritual area.

An Oni Stalker will enter and engage Lara in a one-on-one fight. This fight is all about using the Shotgun on the back of the Oni by dodging into his attacks, which have a slow recovery, and then turn around to fire on him.

Do this multiple times until the Oni staggers and a melee prompt appears over his head and then quickly rush in for a QTE attack. Each time you get this prompt the Stormguard archers will show up and attack, so make sure to take them out with your firearms before continuing to attack the Oni.

Attack him three times with the melee prompt and then you’ll be able to spam Triangle/Y, followed by Square/X, to defeat the Oni. [100 XP]

Avoid the Oni’s attacks, circling behind him to attack his bare back, and then attack when the QTE prompt appears.

End the Storms by Stopping the Ascension Ritual

Approach the ritual for a scene [100 XP] and then follow the QTE prompts to finish off Mathius:

PS3 PS4 Xbox 360/One
R1 R2 RT
Triangle Triangle Y
Square Square X
L1 / R1 L2 / R2 RT / LT

Watch the ending for Lara’s Journal: The Truth entry, which should get you the No Stone Left Unturned and A Survivor is Born trophy/achievements.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

No Stone Left Unturned

Find all documents, relics and GPS caches.

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Survivor Is Born

Complete the game.

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