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Find a Way Out of the Forest

After a scene in which you gain the Tactical Pistol , check the rock near the pyre for the Endurance Officers - Roth: An Apology document and then rest at the camp for Lara’s Journal: Don’t Think, Don’t Feel .

Enter the forest to the east and take the right path, instead of walking through the arch, and pick up the Mushroom (1/10) near the wall to begin the Challenge: Red Cap Roundup . Use Survival Instinct to spot the Chou Dynasty Dagger by some trees and then circle the back of the helicopter crash for Salvage and another Mushroom (2/10) near the wall.

Keep an eye out for the hard to spot mushrooms, to progress the challenge (left). Near the first mushroom, use your Survival Instincts to spot the relic (right).

Cross the clearing to the north to find some Salvage in the water and a GPS Cache 1 against the north wall and then follow the path east. When Lara pulls out her bow, look along the north wall to find a Mushroom (3/10) and then wait for the three Solarii to separate.

Headshot the man who stays at the entrance with an arrow and then make your way to the right side to kill one of the other men. You can now backtrack to the entrance and head left to find the final man near a bridge, killing him with a headshot.

When you spot the men, you should also find a mushroom (left). Let the men separate before you kill them with headshots from your stealthy bow (right).

From the bridge, head west to find a Mushroom (4/10) and some Salvage along the north wall and then head southeast toward the river to find another Mushroom (5/10) across the water from the lodge.

Head directly west and use Survival Instincts to spot a rocky wall and then use the broken tree to reach the wall and climb up. Hop to an adjacent platform and look east to spot some salvage hanging from another platform and then climb the rope to reach the Jade Ceremonial Dagger .

Find the rocky wall and climb up to a platform, where you can spot some salvage.

From this platform you can face the lodge and use Survival Instinct to spot multiple Solarii that can be killed (up to four). You can now drop to the ground to collect the Salvage you shot down earlier and then head southwest to find a high ledge that crosses the center of the area.

Follow the high ledge to the right (west) and shoot the man to the south and then head up the ledge and jump up the west wall to find a Mushroom (6/10) . Drop to the ground and follow the wall south to rope dart a building support and then continue along the wall to the south to find another Mushroom (7/10) .

Hop to the ledge for a mushroom and then pull down the building support nearby.

Backtrack and scramble up the wall that was dropped when you pulled the building’s support and turn around to spot the GPS Cache 2 on a ledge that can be jumped to before returning to the building. Head out the other side of the building to swing to a platform with and then create a rope bridge to the tree across the way.

Climb the rope, dropping onto the other rope, and climb up to collect some Salvage and then shoot the Solarii roaming the forest nearby. Look south to spot a shiny spot on a ledge, so make the long leap to the ledge to collect the GPS Cache 3 and then check the waterfall for a GPS Cache 4 .

Don’t miss the GPS Cache behind the building when you climb up (left). Out the other side of the buidling, create a rope bridge to drop onto the other (right).

Exit the water and check the nearby crash from some Salvage and then look up to find more Salvage in a net that can be shot down. Follow the east wall to a dead end with a Mushroom (8/10) and then backtrack and head north to shoot another Solarii.

Circle around the ledge and use the rope to the south to reach a tree platform and then jump to a nearby ledge with the Japanese Ceremonial Dagger . You can now head to the Hunting Lodge Base Camp and check the lodge itself for some Salvage and the Ancient Scrolls - General: The Conquerors document.

Climb the rope to reach the Japanese dagger (left) and then enter the lodge to the north to find an Acient Scroll (right).

Head north toward the bridge and check around the right side for a Mushroom (9/10) and then pass the tomb entrance for some Salvage before you enter.

  • Stormguard Sanctum -

Head inside until you reach the camp and then look up to spot two unlit brazier that can be lit with a fire arrow to help light the room. In order to clear a path above you’ll need to shoot the natural gas to clear the debris and then light another brazier above the gas. You can now shoot the gas again and quickly scramble up the wall, turn left, and climb up another ledge.

Light another brazier near the platform and use Survival Instinct to spot another brazier and some crates across the way. Shoot the clothed crates with a fire arrow to clear the debris and then jump across and grab the rocky wall to reach the treasure for 1250 XP , 250 Salvage , and the Summit Forest Relic Map .

Light the braziers to help navigate the small, dark, cavern (left) and then ignite the debris at the top to remove it and reach the treasure (right).

Exit the tomb and follow the wall east to a hut and rope arrow the door to find a metal crate of Salvage before you deal with the three men and two wolves. You can now head up the steps to find the final Mushroom (10/10) and enter the cave. [50 XP]

Exit the Forest Through the Wolf Cave

Rope arrow the door and follow the path to some caged wolves, which you can kill for XP despite being able to loot them, and then climb up the ladder. You’ll need to rope arrow the deer corpse to push the bar into place, allowing you to swing across to the rocky wall.

Rope arrow the door to proceed (left) and then rope arrow the deer to move the bar into place, allowing you to cross to the rocky wall (right).

Collect the Salvage x4 in the next room and check the ground near the table for the GPS Cache 5 before you follow the path, grabbing the ledge when Lara slips. You can now climb back up and follow the path outdoors, sliding down the rope to speak with Alex. [900 XP]

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