Find a Way Out

Follow the path to a corpse with the Trench Shotgun at the end of the walkway and blast through wooden barricades. [250 XP]

Jump over the gap and scramble through the window at the end of the hall to reach a large circular tomb for a scene. You’ll be ambushed by enemies, so pull out your shotgun and use the tomb as cover while killing the Solarii jumping in through the left. Loot the bodies and then rope arrow the large bell away from the gate to clear the path and follow it to a day camp.

The shotgun is great for clearing barricades and enemies who dare to charge Lara.

Blast the barricade out of the way, then make your way over the walkway as it crumbles below and then shimmy across the edges. Jump to the remains of the walkway and climb up to find an entrance in the side of the building.

Dispatch the enemies, including a riot shield Solarii who can be taken out quickly if you have Dodge Counter, and make your way to the upper level.

Shimmy along the outside of the building and then enter to dispatch more enemies.

There are two sets of shutters on this floor and a rope covered weight at the center of the area. Open one set of shutters and pull the weight in the same direction as the wing to smash the pillars on one side and then close the shutters and repeat this on the other side.

At this point some enemies will start ambushing Lara from the stairs, including a heavily armored Solarii that drops a Bow part. Once the enemies are dispatched, open both shutters and pull the weight one last time to bring the bell down. [250 XP]

Use the wind to push the weight further and allow you to break the supports (left). Once both supports are gone you can then drop the bell (right).

Run straight ahead as the building crumbles around Lara and jump the first gap in slow-mo. The second gap is too large and you’ll need to use the pole on the left to swing across, but the third can be jumped across normally. You’ll then need to jump to the wooden bridge, which will break and result in Lara sliding down a slope.

Shoot through the barricades while avoiding obstacles to reach the bottom for a scene. [500 XP]

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