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Finn the Fisherman V Blood Carriers (Farnbane Woods)

In-game Description

Finn is a legendary fisherman who hails from the rocky shores of Silverlight Hills. Caught fishing in the Church of Luminance’s “sacred” waters, he was set to be executed by live burial at sea. The fisherman emerged from the depths, mysterious and miraculously alive, and went into hiding in the safety of the lawless lands of the "Farbane Woods" iconFarbane Woods.


"Finn the Fisherman" iconFinn the Fisherman, a Level 32 V Blood Carrier, is located at "Fishing Lake" iconFishing Lake near the Hallowed Mountains corner of "Farbane Woods" iconFarbane Woods. A legendary fisherman from Silverlight Hills, Finn was sentenced to live burial at sea for fishing in the Church of Luminance’s sacred waters. Miraculously surviving, he now hides in the lawless lands of Farbane "Wood" iconWoods.


  • Fish Slap: A two-hit combo with a fish slap followed by a kick.


  • Tornado: A spin attack with his fishing pole that damages and knockbacks the player.
  • Throw Net: Swings a net and throws it into the AoE indicator, pinning players in place.
  • Summon Piranhas: Summons 3 Hungry Piranhas.
  • Summon Pufferfish: Summons 3 Pufferfish that throw projectiles in every direction upon death.
  • Summon Serpent: Summons a Young Sea Serpent with melee and 3 projectile ranged attacks. In Brutal difficulty, this serpent is bigger and stronger.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 9118 Y: 8456
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