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Goreswine the Ravager V Blood Carriers (Farnbane Woods)

In-game Description

A mad cultist, too far gone to be really intelligible. The Malevolent being they serve pushes them to desecrate all things, with little regard for practicality. They wear a rotting pig’s head as a decorative mask.


"Goreswine the Ravager" iconGoreswine the Ravager, a Level 27 V Blood Carrier, roams between the "Desecrated Graveyard" iconDesecrated Graveyard and the "Infested Graveyard" iconInfested Graveyard in southern "Farbane Woods" iconFarbane Woods. Escorting four Armored Skeletons, Goreswine often battles the Alpha Wolf and "Lidia the Chaos Archer" iconLidia the Chaos Archer. Defeating Goreswine unlocks a Tier 1 Spell Point and the spells "Corrupted Skull" iconCorrupted Skull, "Bone Explosion" iconBone Explosion, and "Ward of the Damned" iconWard of the Damned. Additionally, players can unlock structures like the Tomb and Nocturne Garden Gate, and recipes for Gravedigger Ring, "Grave Dust" iconGrave Dust, and Raise Skeleton & Ghouls. Goreswine’s attacks include Corrupted Skull, "Bone" iconBone Explosion, Quad Explosion, and Ultimate Explosion, each involving poison clouds and teleportation.


  • "Corrupted Skull" iconCorrupted Skull: A ranged attack that stuns on hit.
  • "Bone Explosion" iconBone Explosion: Creates an explosion that leaves a poison cloud.
  • Quad Explosion: Spawns four poison clouds and teleports away after shouting “Suffer for us, suffer!”
  • Ultimate Explosion: Spawns multiple AoE poison clouds three times and teleports after shouting “Drink it in, the chaos!” at half health.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 7846 Y: 10010
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