Optional Objectives:

  • Sabotage one alarm bell
  • Don’t let Elise get deteced

To find Germain you’ll need to go through Robespierre, but his reputation makes him untouchable and the festival is too crowded to get close.

Follow Elise through the crowd to the main yard where the festival is being held for a scene. When you have control again head northeast through the crowd to the tents in the east. Stand just outside the restricted area facing the watchtower and use Eagle Vision to check for guards before you run over to the ladder and climb up.

Head through the crowd to the watchtower and wait until no guards are looking to climb up.

Turn north to take the rope to a tree and pass through and then hop to the pole to pass through another tree and stop on the pole on the other side. Use Eagle Vision to check the location of the guard below and air assassinate him when he’s closest to you and then hop down.

Take cover at the corner of the tent, next to the bell, and use Eagle Vision to spot two guards on the other side of the tent’s opening. These two will notice you if you go for the alarm bell, so toss a Cherry Bomb off in the distance to distract them in order to sabotage the bell.

Cross through the trees to reach the tent (left). To distract the guards make sure to throw the Cherry Bomb far in the distance (right).

Backtrack around the tent’s corner to hop inside via a window and head straight ahead to the desk and investigate the book for a list of names. You can now jump out the tent and exit the restricted zone to return to Elise and speak with her for a scene.

After the scene, Elise will take position to the right and you’ll need to prevent incoming guards from spotting her. Turn left and jump in the haycart by the fence to wait for the guard to appear and then let him pass before popping out and killing him.

Now pass Elise and take position in the crowd until the next guard appears and kill him from within the crowd to avoid detection. Return to Elise and exit the fenced area toward another cart and hop inside. Two guards will come walking toward Elise, so wait for them to pass and then jump out and double assassinate them.

Use the environment to sneak up on the guards and kill them before they spot Elise.

Once all the guards are taken care of you can exit the area and return to Elise for the next objective. In order to have the people turn on Robespierre you’ll need to place the list of names on influential people around the area, without being spotted.

The first target is located a short distance from Elise, so walk over to the individual when the patrol by the haycart turns away and place the list on him.

Talk to Elise and then plant the list on the nearby man when the thugs aren't looking.

Check the map and make your way to the northern target and walk through the crowd until you are behind the target. There’s a thug that patrols between the target and the nearby guards and another that stays stationary. Wait for the patrol to walk away before you kill the stationary guard and when his buddy comes to investigate kill him quietly before you plant the list on the target.

Cross the map to the final target, surrounded by multiple guards, and hop into the tent to sneak up on the first guard and hidden blade kill him. You can now exit the tent to plant the list or use Cherry Bombs to distract the nearby guards to be extra careful. Once all three lists are planted a scene will trigger to complete the mission.

For the other two plants use the crowd to sneak up and kill the thug before you plant the lest (left) and then use a Cherry Bomb to distract the guards for the final plant (right).


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