The Cafe Theatre unlocks at the beginning of Sequence 03 by approaching the building above the Assassin’s Headquarters on the Ile Saint-Louis. After the introductory cutscene the building will becomes your base, and like the previous Assassin’s Creed games there are plenty of things you can do here.

Head to the Cafe Theatre at the start of Sequence 03 to unlock Arno's HQ.

Armor Room

The Armor Room is unlocked by solving the Nostradamus Enigmas and can be found by walking down the staircase under the mansion’s main stairway. For more information on the Enigmas and what you gain from doing them, please see the designated section.

Arnos Room

Arno’s Room is where you can access your gear loadout to change your equipment or purchase new items. While the room may seem useless because this can all be done elsewhere, the room does offer a place to read all the newspaper articles and letters from Elise that unlock throughout the game.

Letter Availability
1 Open the Cafe Theatre
2 Complete Sequence 04
3 Complete Sequence 06
4 Complete Sequence 09
5 Complete Sequence 12
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Room With A View

Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony.

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Club Hall

In the Club Hall you can join a Club, via an internet connection, or create one of your own and play with your friends. Clubs make it easier to connect to your friends, and other members of the Club, and allow you to unlock rewards by completing objectives and competing against other Clubs.

Intendants Study

The Intendant’s Study is primarily for upgrading the Cafe Theatre and collecting the income it gains.

By interacting with the desk you can renovate the Cafe Theatre and improve the look of the Cafe, as well as unlock the Cafe Theatre Missions. These mission increase the income provided by each deposit to the bank. In addition, you can increase the Cafe’s profits by renovating the many Social Clubs across Paris, as well as unlocking the Social Club Missions.

The chest or bank is where you collect the profits from the Cafe Theatre and Social Clubs. Deposits to the bank occur every 20 minutes, but will stop when the bank is full. Make sure to check the bank frequently to clean out the bank.

Name Cost Mission Unlocks
Ground Floor 100 Colette
Hall 250 Damsel in Seamstress
Exterior 1,000 The Queen’s Necklace
Upper Floors 5,000 Foxy Renard
Finishing Touches 15,000 -
Name Reward Income Bonus
Auto-Da-Fe 500 x4.75
Colette 400 x3.63
Damsel in Seamstress 1,400 x2.45
The Queen’s Necklace 2,500 x2.48
Foxy Renard 25,000 x 2.19
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Master Architect

Complete all the renovations of the Cafe Theatre.

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Legacy Room

The Legacy Room is where you can view the Outfits available to Arno. Outfits are unlocked by completing actions in the game or in the Companion App. For more information on Outfits, please see the designated section.


The Lobby is the main part of the Cafe Theatre, and while there is very little to do here, you can watch plays and accept the Cafe Theatre Missions from Rose.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Patron of the Arts

Watch a play in the Cafe Theatre

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Memento Gallery

The Memento Gallery displays the mementos earned by completing certain accomplishments in the game.

Name Unlock
Blacksmith Hammers Complete Sequence 01
Initiation Chalice Complete Sequence 02
Hidden Blade Replica Complete Sequence 03
Poison Dart Complete Sequence 04
Germain’s Silverware Complete Sequence 05
Elise’s Gun Complete Sequence 06
Bust of Bellec Complete Sequence 07
Napoleon’s Hat Complete Sequence 08
Hot Air Balloon Replica Complete Sequence 09
Guillotine Replica Complete Sequence 10
Beer Keg Complete Sequence 11
Bust of Elise Complete Sequence 12
Name Unlock
Cella Constellatio, Astri & Vaporis Mementos Complete all Nostradamus Enigmas
Paris Stories Memento Complete all Paris Stories
Murder Mysteries Memento Complete all Murder Mysteries
Heist Memento Complete all Heists
Co-op Missions Memento Complete all Co-op Missions
Cockades Memento Find all Cockades
Artifacts Memento Find all Artifacts

Training Room

The Training Room is whete you can play the tutorials and practice basic combat tactics and Assassin abilities. While this may seem pointless, there is actually a trophy/achievement for completing all the tutorials.

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Complete all training missions.

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The story continues with Arno Dorian, a French nobleman raised by the Templar Grand Master, Francois De La Serre. After the death of his father, an Assassin, De La Serre adopts Arno and raises him as his own son, alongside his daughter Elise. Thirteen years later, on the eve of Elies’s induction into the Templar Order, De La Serre is murdered and Arno is jailed in the Bastille as the culprit. Vowing to track down the killer of the man who raised him, Arno finds himself joining the Assassin Brotherhood and following a trail of corruption that goes much deeper than every imagined.

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