A Fistful of Duelers

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Speak to crossdressing quest giver to learn that he wants your help, but first you need to prove yourself. The mission is simply, go to each waymarker and duel the person.

The first duelist is a simple soldier that should pose no threat, while the second duelist is a Brute who can pose a big threat with his heavy attacks that you’ll need to dodge. The third duelist is a Defender that requires you to perform a perfect parry in order to attack him or Staggering Strike him. If you can get him on the ground with Staggering Strike, and have Ground Execution, you’ll be able to get an instant kill.

The fourth enemy type is a Seeker, which you might not have encountered yet, and is joined by another Seeker after only a short period of time. Seekers are the most dangerous type of enemy because they can use combos of standard and heavy attacks, so you’ll need to perform perfect parries to have a chance at damaging them.

The final duelist is the quest giver himself and although he acts like a soldier, one hit from him will result in failing the duel. Don’t go in for the attack and focus on getting a perfect parry, followed by Staggering Strike, to ground him and kill him.

The League of the Crimson Rose

Unlocks: Complete A Fistful of Duelers

Speak to our old crossdressing friend to learn that he is suspicious of a man known as the “Crimson Rose”. To get in you’ll need to head to the Hotel Fieubet to find the man known as the Crimson Rose and save him from an ambush.

The waves of enemies consist of everything from Soldiers to Officers and can become very dangerous very quickly. Make sure to have a full stock of consumables and use your Stun Bombs, Smoke Bombs, and Phantom Blades liberally. Save your Berserk Blades for Officers so they turn on their friends and try and take out targets focused on the Crimson Rose. Once the area is clear you can loot the bodies and talk to the Crimson Rose to complete the mission.

Return of the Crimson Rose

Unlocks: Complete The League of the Crimson Rose

Speak to the Crimson Rose to learn that the league needs Arno’s help to rescue a nobleman from the guillotine.

Make your way to de Choisy’s house and carefully enter the second floor window. Interact with the letter on the floor and then talk to the woman behind the door to learn that the men have already taken de Choisy away. Continue north and hop the rooftops to reach the north side of the barn that de Choisy is held in, allowing you to Phantom Blade the only guard facing this direction. You can now free the prisoner and escape the area to complete the mission.

Head to de Choisy's house and then track him down at the barn, entering through the back.

Crimson Sunset

Unlocks: Complete Return of the Crimson Rose

Talk to our crossdressing friend to learn that all the men that the Crimson Rose have saved are Templars, which is not acceptable.

Make your way to the restricted zone to the south and approach it from the east. There are multiple snipers here that prevent you from getting close, so equip some Phantom Blades to make quick work of them and kill the five targets. You can now head to the Crimson Rose’s location to engage him in combat, using perfect parries and Staggering Strike to drop him and then use heavy attacks to finish him off quickly.

Flying Boy

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

The man wishes you to rescue the mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace from house arrest.

Laplace is located in a house nearby with only a few guards between you and his freedom. Climb the roof to get a view of the balcony and Phantom Blade the guard that patrols it before you hop over and take cover to kill the man inside. Another patrol walks from the floor below, so make sure you take him out and then talk to Laplace. Laplace explains that he was put under arrest for trying to stop an experiment that will kill a man if allowed to proceed.

Make your way to the rooftop of the College de Quarter Nations and take out the two snipers on the roof’s east and west sides. You should now be able to Berserk Blade one of the men in the courtyard below, causing him to run off and cause drama, and allowing you to dive into the haycart below to approach the machine unnoticed. After sabotaging the machine, exit the area to complete the mission.

Carmalite Nuns

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

The national guard is escorting a bunch of nuns to the nearby church, but the crowd is overwhelming and they need help.

The best course of action is to take to the roofs as you follow the nuns, to easily take out the snipers with an air assassination, and then air assassinate the ground units. Between each wave you can climb back up to the rooftops to prepare for the next wave. When the nuns reach the church the mission will automatically complete.

Stop the Presses!

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Your task is to take down the posters that slander the late Grand Master, Comte de Mirabeau.

There are three posters on the outskirts of the restricted zone, two on the north side and one in the southwest, but it won’t be so easy due to a bunch of enemies guarding them. I suggest you use the high to your advantage and take out as many enemies around a poster with Phantom Blades, especially the Snipers, before you drop down and deal with any stragglers. If you find yourself in a fight you can use Smoke Bombs to increase your chance of success and limit the damage done to you.

Use Phantom and Berserk Blades to cause distractions and reach the posters.

Once all posters are removed the search area will change to the alley on the east side of the previous search area. There are a few enemies in the alley to deal with, provided you didn’t already engage the enemies in this area, but you should have no problem killing the enemies and sabotaging the printing press to complete the mission.

Encyclopedie Diderot

Unlocks: Complete the Cafe Procope Social Club mission

A cafe owner has a copy of the Ecyclopedie Diderot, but when you go to retrieve it a thief steals the document and runs away. Luckily, there is no need to rush after the thief and if you lose him a search area will appear. Make your way carefully, to avoid the extremists, and tackle or shoot the man. You will then need to fend off the extremists to loot the body and complete the mission.

Desiree Desired

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Napoleon’s fiancee is in danger of being abducted for ransom and he needs Arno to take care of it, with the help of a fellow officer Bernadotte.

Leave the mansion and meet up with Bernadotte, who will lead the way to Desiree’s house. Unfortunately, the enemies don’t wish you to reach Desiree’s house and will engage you in combat multiple times. Stay a few steps behind Bernadotte and when they engage him in battle you should be able to walk around them for instant kills. Once you reach Desiree’s house you will find enemies on each floor of the building, that you should be able to quietly take out, and then talk to Desiree on the top floor.

Bernadotte obviously is attracted to Desiree, but there is no time for flirtation since more enemies will come rushing upstairs. Defeat the enemies, and the following ones of the floors that follow, until you reach the ground floor and complete the mission.

Desiree Dismayed

Unlocks: Complete Desiree Desired

Napoleon is sure that Bernadotte has feelings for Desiree and needs you to search his home for evidence.

Make your way to the top floor of Bernadotte’s house to examine the diary on his desk, a letter from Desiree’s maid on the bookshelf, and a receipt for a silver pendant inscribed to Desiree. Now make your way to the restaurant where Desiree is to dine with Napoleon and wait for Bernadotte to interrupt them. As he leaves some men in the corner will speak ill of Desiree, provoking an attack that ends the mission.

Investigate Bernadotte's place to learn his true feelings and then meet up with Napoleon at the restaurant for a scene.


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