Scene Stealer

Unlocks: Complete Critical Comedown

The man wants you to steal letters from a Mademoiselle who oversees many “actresses” containing secrets that could help the revolution.

Make your way to the nearby marked zone to find a house full of enemies with no way to bypass them. Enter the house and use the crowds to pass through the first floor to the staircase. On the second floor, make sure that the Brute is turned the other way before you enter and take him out when his back is turned. Head to the end of the hall and enter the room to kill the Defender from behind. Wait for the nearby guard to walk to the window and kill him to reach the next floor.

Blend with the crowds to pass the guards on the 1st floor and kill the guards on the 2nd floor.

On the next floor, walk up to the sleeping guard and kill him before you lockpick the nearby door and kill the guard inside. Take cover by the doorway and when the corpse draws the nearby Defender you can get an easy cover kill. You can now backtrack and double assassinate the two guards looking away to steal the diary. Now backtrack the way you came and talk to the quest giver to complete the mission.

Devishly Tricky

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

This mission is fairly straight forward, with you doing the same thing three times. Start by heading to the nearby search zone and use Eagle Vision to identify the fountain that you must drink from. Once the voice begins to taunt you and a new search zone appears you’ll need to make your way to the center of the ever shrinking area until you are ambushed by some enemies. Survive the ambush and repeat this process in two more areas to complete the mission.

My Kingdom for Some Whores

Unlocks: Sequence 04, Memory 02

De Sade wants you to deal with a man named Grignon who imposes horrible working conditions on his working girls, but really all he just wants is the women.

Make your way to the search zone and enter from the northeast to blend with the crowd. Grignon will walk around the area, so wait for him to walk your way and then kill him quietly or take cover in the hiding spot that he walks by. When you kill Grignon you may be identified by the nearby thugs, but you can simply leave the area and lose them to complete the mission.

De Sades Reprieve

Unlocks: Complete My Kingdom for Some Whores

Examine the newspaper, Le Pere Duchesne, to find that De Sade has a death warrant on his head from the Grand Chatelet.

Make your way to the Grand Chatelet and approach from the southeast and climb up, shimmying around to the south side of the building to find an open window and enter. Straight ahead is a room full of guards that you can take out with Phantom Blades or a Berserk Blade and then enter and pick up the judicial order. Now all you need to do is jump out the window to complete the mission.

Enter through the southern window and take care of the enemies inside.

Sadistic Blackmail

Unlocks: Complete De Sade’s Reprieve

De Sade wants you to get blackmail on four of Grignon’s neighbors to keep them under his foot.

There are a total of four locations:

  1. In the location to the east is a small restricted area with multiple guards, but if you approach via the rooftops you can enter a top floor you can make your way down to the stairs to steal the letter.

  2. In the south location is a search area where you’ll find a man standing in a small graveyard speaking to some people. Walk through the crowds to get behind him to steal the second item.

  3. In the southwest location is a large seach zone where you’ll find another man walking in the market. Blend with the crowd to get behind him and then steal the third item.

  4. In the northwest location is another building, but this time you’ll want to enter on the mid floor and kill the guard on the opposite balcony before you loot the chest.

You can now return to De Sade to complete the mission.

The Cult of Baphomet

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

To gain admission into the Cult of Baphomet you’ll need to steal a holy talisman from Notre Dame.

Make your way to the back of Notre Dame and climb to the upper floor and check the north side of the building for an open window. From the ropes you should be able to jump to the back of the area to climb to the ground floor, behind the guards, and steal the first chalice. Double assassinate the two guards and then head straight forward and use stealth mode to steal the second chalice while all the guards are looking away. You can now backtrack and use the lift to head out the same way you came in and return to the quest giver.

Enter from above to easily steal both chalices without the guards seeing you.

The Ritual of Baphomet

Unlocks: Complete The Cult of Baphomet

Continue to follow the cult by heading to the cemetery to the northwest and interact with the mausoleum to enter the crypt below. There are three Templars, and a few aggressive monks, in the area that you can identify with Eagle Vision. Carefully make your way through the area quietly and kill any monks in your way by waiting for them to begin walking away before you approach them. Once you find and kill all three Templars, leave the area to complete the mission.

La Bande Noire

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

This mission is straight forward, simply talk to Dossonville and then follow him to the scum auction in a back alley. Within no time the auction will turn hostile and you’ll need to protect Dossonville from incoming enemies. Use your Smoke Bombs as needed and try and get the jump on at least one of the incoming enemies before they spot you for a quick kill. After a few waves the mission will be complete and you’ll gain your reward.

Iscariotte, The Giant

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Rumors of a giant terrorizing the neighborhood have spread throughout the Porte St. Denis area north of the Temple, so make your way to the area and speak to the five citizens in the search areas to learn more about the rumors. You can now examine the dead body inside the building to mark the location of the giant nearby.

Head back into the alley and take the lift to the roof and then enter the attic via a window on the south side. Carefully make your way down the stairs and check that he is inside the room before taking the final flight, allowing you can take cover by the doorway for an easy cover kill to complete the mission.

Headlining the Guillotine

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Dr. Guillotine wishes to stop the spread of negative attention about the guillotine by printing up positive information and spreading it around Paris.

Start by heading to the waymarker to find the printing press, quietly killing the man by the stairs, and retrieve the journals to spread throughout Paris. A bunch of orange markers will pop up all around you, but you only need to plant the journals on three different targets to complete the missions.

Retrieve the journals and distribute them to three news shouters around Paris.

I suggest you head to the three northernmost targets, as they are in close range to each other and have every little enemies around them to deal with. Once all three journals are planted you will complete the mission immediately.


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