Spiked Bourbon

Unlocks: Renovate the Les Invalides Cafe

The Templar order known as the Council of Five Hundred has become too influential and the Assassins want some of the major players assassinated to curtail their influence.

After starting the mission, teleport straight to the search zones in the north at the Palais Bourbon. There are four Templars surrounding the palace, each with a set pattern that they walk. The first thing you’ll want to do it take out the snipers on the roof, as they pose a threat if left unchecked, and then work your way south to north.

The southernmost Templar walks in a figure eight style pattern around the gardens outside of the restricted zone. The lack of restriction means you can freely search the area until you find the target and then blend with the crowds for a Hidden Blade kill when there is no guards around.

Climb up the palace walls again and search the central plaza for the second Templar. Once spotted, follow him until he reaches one side of the plaza, so that he is available to air assassinate, and then use Cherry Bombs to distract the guards to either end of the plaza. Once the guards are distracted you should be able to air assassinate the target and climb back up a wall without ever being spotted.

Cross the rooftops to the west side of the palace to find the third Templar in a small fenced garden below. If you are smart about when you air assassinate him, you’ll be able to run to the nearby lift to return to the rooftops to escape the guards.

The final Templar is to the north end of the palace, outside the restricted zone, and circles the area around the cannons. Like the target in the south garden area, the crowds can be used to sneak up behind the target and Hidden Blade kill him when there are no guards in the area.

Once all targets are eliminated, escape the area to complete the mission.

Special Delivery

Unlocks: Renovate the Les Invalides Cafe

A series of brutal robberies in the Les Invalides district has lead to the assumption that the leader was someone in official position. The Council wants you to investigate, find the leader, and assassinate him.

Make your way to the heavily guarded search area and identify your target with Eagle Vision, but instead of trying to enter the area you’ll want to wait in the alley to the south of the search zone. The officer will exit the search zone and walk down the dirt path toward his final destination, so follow the officer down the path, but don’t try and steal from him. Eventually, the officer will turn left down a tight alley between a stone wall and a wooden fence that is free of guards. When clear, pickpocket the officer to retrieve the package and update the quest.

Make your way to the next waypoint to drop off the package at the entry guards to learn that the leader is a man by the name of Colonel L’Au. If you head east along the restriction zone and look into the first courtyard, L’Au will be easy to spot using Eagle Vision. L’Au walks a long path between the courtyards, but if you spot him quickly and pull out your Phantom Blades for a headshot you can end the mission quickly. If you miss your chance to kill L’Au you’ll need to wait for him to return or restart from the last checkpoint. Once he is dead, lose any pursuers to complete the mission.

Smoky Yet Robust

Unlocks: Renovate the Les Invalides Cafe

Royalist Chouans are attacking vineyards to intimidate the locals to support their movements, so head to the vineyards and kill the attacking royalists.

The vineyard is questions has 13 targets in a small zone, making it one of the most difficult encounters in the game. You’ll want to make sure that you have all of your consumables full and possibly the Assassin Cache ability. The easiest way to deal with this is to take position on the roof of building next to the shop and use Berserk Blades on nearby guards to cluster the enemies and then Poison Gas them. You can then Phantom Blade some of the remaining enemies to dwindle them down and purchase more consumables as needed. Once all targets are dead the mission will be complete.


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