Unlocks: Sequence 03

The Hebertistes are burning rare books and manuscripts that need protection, so fast travel to the other side of the Palais De Justice and speak to the contact. The three manuscripts are surrounded by enemies, so you’ll need to blend with the crowd to avoid detection.

Approach the plaza and carefully use the crowd and barrels as cover to kill the guard when he isn’t looking and grab the first manuscript. Blend with the crowd again and cross to the other guard and quietly kill him to move to the other end of the plaza. Enter the far side and hop in the haycart to kill a patrol and then exit and kill the other two guards that have their backs turned to get the other two manuscripts. You can now leave the area to complete the mission.

Carfeully kill the guards to retrieve the three manuscripts.


Unlocks: Complete Auto-Da-Fe and renovate the Ground Floor

An informant working for the Cafe Theatre is posing as a maid and may need extraction, but before pulling her out you’ll need to confirm that she is in danger by stalking the innkeepers for information.

Make your way to the search zone and use Eagle Vision to spot the two innkeeper before heading to the designated hiding spot. It appears that the innkeepers have caught onto Colette, so run down the man and assassinate him before he can return to the inn and do something about the girl. Now make your way to the south side of the building, where Colette is being held, and enter through the balcony to silently take out the men and speak to her. You can now leave the area to complete the mission.

Damsel in Seamstress

Unlocks: Complete Colette and renovate the Hall

The queen’s dress maker agreed to make dresses for the Cafe Theatre, but radicals have ransacked her shop and Rose has gone missing.

Make your way to the search area in the Marais district and climb the buildings to enter the search zone from the east. Rose is on the southeast side of the area, with two guards near her, so if you approach from above you can air assassinate the two and speak to Rose. Rose explains that she came to recover her work that the men stole when they ransacked her place and Arno offers to recover them.

Approach Rose's location from the roofs to Phantom Blade or air assassinate the enemies.

Climb the roof to the northeast and approach the restricted zone from the south to kill a Watcher. From here you should be able to shoot the nearby guards with Phantom Blades and then air assassinate the final guard to reach the ground and get the first outfit.

Head south to the next restricted zone, entering from the northern rooftops, to leap of faith into the haycart below. From the cart you should be able to kill the first guard that walks by and then use the wall and crowd to reach the second guard and silently kill him to get the second outfit.

Make your way west and approach the restricted zone from the northeast to kill the Watcher on the balcony below. Head north and cross to the west side of the buildings and circle around to the south of the courtyard. From here you should be able to air assassinate the guard below and Phantom Blade the guard to the north to get the final outfit and complete the mission once you leave the area.

The Queens Necklace

Unlocks: Complete Damsel in Seamstress and renovate the Exterior

Thanks to Colette, you know that Renard has gained the queen’s necklace in a raid on the royal treasury and wishes to sell it to finance an attack. To prevent this, Arno needs to meet up with Renard to purchase the necklace using counterfeit money. Make your way to the contact in Saint-Jacques to learn that Renard caught wind of the scam and made off with the diamond necklace.

Run west to the search area and use Eagle Vision to spot the necklace. The necklace is heavily guarded by a large number of guards, so wait for them to begin walking before you kill the Brute and follow the group. When the group stops and you have a good shot, hit the Defender with a Berserk Blade. This will result in the Defender taking out the majority of guards and you merely needing to perform clean up to steal the necklace.

The smuggler is located in a heavily guarded zone nearby, but if you approach from the north you can drop down and talk to the smuggler when he runs into the north end of the courtyard. You can then leave the area to complete the mission.

Foxy Renard

Unlocks: Complete The Queen’s Necklace and renovate the Upper Floors

It’s time to put an end to Renard, so head to the Invalides district to speak with the contact. Circle around the outside of the search area and climb the buildings in the northwest to a wooden perch, where you can stand and use Eagle Vision to spot the priest. Once identified, the priest will begin to walk out of the search zone with some bodyguards, so run south along the buildings and hop into the haycart at the end. wait for the priest to walk by for a hiding spot kill and then escape the bodyguards. Now return to your contact and then climb up to the observation point to wait for Renard.

Looks like Renard knew what was going on and sent a henchman to take the necklace and kill the spy, but it’s not over yet. After the short scene, turn around and drop off the opposite of the building to the ground to run after and tackle the henchman. This will reveal the location of Renard’s hideout nearby.

The house where Renard is hiding is heavily guarded, but if you approach carefully the mission shouldn’t be too hard. Start by heading to the roofs from the south and wait for the Defender on the top floor to be walk away and Phantom Blade the Watcher on the balcony. You can now jump over to the window where the Defender was and enter, allowing you to sneak up on the Defender who should be going about his rounds and not be looking your way.

Renard is heavily guarded, but an open window in the attic is the perfect infiltration point.

Renard is on the next floor, but he is surrounded by a large number of guards. The best strategy is to use Cherry Bombs to lure your enemies near the ladder and then toss down some Poison Gas bombs or Berserk Blade some targets. This should dwindle the numbers enough to make it easy to take out Renard. Alternatively, if you are careful and check the position of all the guards, it is possible to hop down and kill the guard closest to you and then Renard. Either way, defeat Renard and escape the area to complete the mission.


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