Desiree Delighted

Unlocks: Complete Desiree Delighted

Realizing that she can not live without Bernadotte, Desiree wishes you to seek him out at the local brothel and reunite them. The mission is easy, simply run down the street to Bernadotte and speak to him. As he makes his way over to Desiree he will be tempted by many of the ladies on the street, but a quick conversation and a nudge should get him back on his way to Desiree. When they finally meet you’ll need to defend them from some thugs to complete the mission.

French Crown Jewels

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Although the crown jewels were recovered, 3 diamonds have been taken by thieves. Make your way to the waymarker and talk to the jeweler to learn that a seller has been lurking in the alley ever since he was refused. Exit out the back to find the first thief and assassinate him to recover the first diamond.

The other two diamonds are together. Approach from the roof and wait for the targets to split up before you air assassinate one and then kill the other. Once you have all three diamonds, return to the manager to complete the mission.

Use the rooftop to spot the targets and wait for them to separate to kill them.

Coat of Arms

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

A man complains that the coat he commissioned for Antoine Saint-Just, so make your way to the tailor’s workshop and speak to him. It turns out that the tailor finds something about the tanner’s goods and won’t make any coats until he is investigated.

Make your way to the search zone and approach from the north, so that you can see a balcony on the middle level facing the river with two Watchers outside. The balcony is your target, but to reach it you will need to move forward and shoot both Watchers with headshots. This will likely make the other guards aggressive, so back off until your no longer under attack. Once clear you can walk to the rope over the river that is linked to the balcony and cross to enter the building.

Headshot the Wacthers to gain access to the house via the rope and balcony.

There are two guards on this floor and one that patrols from the floor above down the stairs and toward the window you entered. Take cover by the barrels to wait for the third guard to walk toward you for a cover kill and then Phantom Blade the other two. You can now head upstairs and kill the guard to speak to the tanner.

It turns out that the tanner was forced by Saint Just to tan human skin instead of cow skin to create his coat, so it’s time to return to Just’s valet. Before speaking to the valet it is wise to kill the two guards around him, in any manner you see fit, because once you talk to the valet he will attack you and the guards will join him. The valet is a Seeker, meaning you are going to need perfect parries or a Smoke Bomb to help with the fight.

Once defeated you can head back to the tailor to complete the mission.

Swiss Stash

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Jacques Necker was once a wealthy man, but now he is so broke he can’t get across the border. That being said, it seems that the Brotherhood believes the man is hiding some money away and your task is to steal a letter that may lead you to the cash. Approach the search zone nearby and hide behind the back of the haycart to Phantom Blade the men in the center of the area. Once clear, walk up to Necker and pickpocket him to find the location of his stashes.

The first stash to the east is on the top floor, guarded by plenty of enemies and Watchers. Start by taking out the Watchers outside with some Phantom Blades and then kill the Brute to enter the ground floor. As you take the stairs make sure that none of the guards above are walking toward the stairs before you head up and then use the hiding spot to kill the guard. Head up another set of stairs to kill the next two guards and then open the chest.

The second stash to the north on the top floor, but you’ll need to enter from the rooftop window and then take out the two enemies inside before opening the chest.

The final two stashes are actually in the same building to the west, with many enemies and only one way in. It’s best to stick a Berserk Blade in a Brute or Seeker and finish off the remaining enemies inside with Phantom Blades of Poison Gas. Once the enemies are dead you will be left with the single Watcher on the ledge with the two chests.

Vicious Verses

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Andre Chenier wishes you to recover his documents from his home nearby, but it won’t be easy since they are in a large restricted zone.

Make your way to the west side of the restricted area and climb up to the rooftop to take out the Watcher. Another Watcher in on a balcony nearby, but before you air assassinate him make sure to use Eagle Vision to check that the guards inside are not looking. Take cover by the doorway and shot the Brute and Seeker inside, or draw them over for cover kills, and grab the first verse.

Head down the stairs and you’ll find more guards that you can quietly take out with Phantom Blades before getting the second verse and then repeat the process on the Brute on the ground floor, leaving the Defender alone as to not draw over guards from the courtyard, to get the final verse. You con now return to Andre to complete the mission.

Arm the People

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Teroigne de Mericourt is fighting a losing battle because of the gunsmith supplying the enemy with weapons. To get the militia on the winning side, Mericourt wishes Arno to kill the gunsmith and collect the blueprints so that she can arm them with proper weapons.

Make your way to the waymarker to find a house heavily guarded, but with the fatal flaw of a second floor open window on the north side of the building. Climb the building next to the window and hop over to the wooden platform outside the window when no one is looking. This allows you to wait for the target to stand by the window for a cover kill and let you easily steal the weapon docket.

When you reach the location of the blueprints you’ll run into more opposition, but if you take the high ground and eliminate all the Watchers you can Phantom Blade or Berserk Blade the guards in the courtyard below to eliminate them rather easily. This will allow you to clean out the area and kill any survivors to collect the four blueprints.

You can now return to Mericourt to complete the mission.

Escort Mission

Unlocks: Complete Arm the People

Once again Teroigne de Mericourt has an idea to help the people of Paris win the revolution by asking the prostitutes to join her Women’s Brigade.

The first “sex worker” you’ll come across is caged in a restricted zone by a bunch of men in the middle of the street. The Watchers around the area pose the worst problem, so skirt around the area and take them out with Phantom Blades so you can get closer to the action. The best strategy from here is to distract the guards by popping a Berserk Blade into a Defender and letting him take out a majority of the guards. Once clear, hop down and open the cage to talk to the women inside.

The first group of women are caged in a guarded square. Hit an enemy with a Berserk Blade and then kill any remaining enemies to free the women.

The next set of women are all rather close together in one large building surrounded by enemies. Once again you will need to take out the Watchers before you enter the area and you can then jump through the attic window to kill a Brute and talk to the first woman. The other three woman will need to be accessed from the ground level, which is covered in guards. As before, targeting a Defender with a Berserk Blade will take out a good amount of the guards and then you can pick off any of the remainders. Once cleared, enter building and talk to the final three ladies.

The final set of workers are in the middle of a crowded area with only a few guards. All can be approached by blending in with the crowds of the plaza, so sneak in and talk to each to complete the mission.

Cassinis Constellations

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

The Comte de Cassini, previous Director of the Paris Observatory, is being run out of town and has accidentally left some research at the observatory. Unfortunately, the observatory is covered in thugs that wish to prevent you from gathering all the data.

Approach the restricted zone from the northeast to climb the trees and make your way to the gazebo. Turn left through the trees toward the scaffolding to take a lift up and shimmy around to ledge assassinate the Watcher. You can now sneak up behind the Brute and kill him to get the first document from the nearby table. Take the lift up to the roof and take cover as soon as possible to avoid being discovered and use cover kills, Berserk Blades on Seekers, and Phantom Blades to take out the rooftop enemies. You will likely need to become discovered to clean up any stragglers before you can pick up the next document.

Drop off the side of the building and take out another Watcher with a Phantom Blade and then Berserk or Phantom Blade the other thugs when they come within range to check the body. Once clear you can drop down and get the final document before you leave the area and return to Cassini.

The Condorcet Method

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Nicholas de Condorcet has a warrant for his arrest, which has lead to his research on the History of Political Progress ending up in the hands of his academic rival.

The closest waymarker is a small courtyard with multiple enemies, an alarm bell, and the man carrying the document. Climb up to the rooftop and walk to the south side of the area and hit one of the Seekers at the gate with a Berserk Blade to distract the guards. You can now run back to the north side and climb down to steal the first document from the man watching the action.

The second document is on the topmost floor of a building covered in guards, but luckily the top floor is the least secured. Make your way to the east side of the building and climb up to the top floor to ledge assassinate a guard standing by it. You can now enter the building and head straight for the document in the next room. With both documents in hand you can return to Condorcet to complete the mission.

A Romantic Stroll

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Napoleon has fallen in love with a young lady named Josephine, but the Royalists plan to attack him on his first “date” with the lady.

Make your way to the waymarker to find Napoleon and Josephine and enter the small courtyard down the short alley. This courtyard contains many enemies, but Napoleon and Josephine are nice enough to stay in the alley until you clear them out. Start with the enemies on the roofs and make your way around the interior, taking out enemies inside the buildings via the windows, and then finally the enemies on the ground. Once clear of all 10 targets return to Napoleon and watch him and Josephine to complete the mission.

Meet up with Napoleon and then clear the courtyard of enemies.


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