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Assassin's Creed: Unity
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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-02-2019 / 13:52 GMT

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Paris Stories

Missions 41-50

Signaling Officer Murat

Unlocks: Complete A Romantic Stroll

Murat wishes you to infiltrate the Chouans and sabotage the cannons, but the area is covered in enemies that you must avoid. A pure stealth route is almost impossible, so it is best to stay just outside the restricted area and user Berserk Blades on the strange enemy archetypes to clear out the enemies with some Poison Gas bombs. You can also use the natural aggression between the guards and the Extremists to get them to fight each other, but distraction is the key to getting to both the cannons. Once you light both, escape the area to complete the mission.

A Nice Chappe

Unlocks: Complete Signaling Officer Murat

The captain want you to sabotage four Chappe signal towers to disrupt the royalist signals to Duke Ferdinand’s troops. Each of the towers is located within restricted zones, heavily guarded by enemies.

The two towers on the southern palace are the easiest to take care of, provided you approach them from the east and west sides. By approaching them from the edge of the restricted zones you will reach the tower from behind, where you can snipe the guards standing in front of them with Phantom Blades. Sabotage the first tower after killing the guards before dropping and circling to the other side to do the same at the other tower.

The tower in the northeast is difficult due to the many Watchers on the rooftops. Approach from the northwest and make sure that no guards are looking when you climb on the wall and then use Phantom Blade to take out the many sentries. You can then take out the officer that patrols between the wall and the rooftop before you sabotage the tower. If you are spotted before or after the sabotage, escape the area and hop into the river to lose the guards.

The final tower to the northwest is difficult, due to the many guards. It is suggested that you follow the coastline west until you spot two guards on the beach and Phantom Blade headshot them. The corpses should draw over the guards on the tower platform, which you can Phantom Blade as well, and then make your way to the platform and take cover. Before climbing up, shoot one of the guards by the alarm bell with a Berserk Blade to draw everyone away and then sabotage the tower.

Phantom Blade the enemies on the coast, drawing over the other guards, and then Berserk Blade a guard by the alarm bell to sabotage the final tower.

Precious Correspondence

Unlocks: Complete A Nice Chappe

Some letters that General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas kept from his family, when he left Haiti, have been stolen by the Templars to influence him. You need to find the patrols carrying the letters, assassinate them, and retrieve the letters.

The northern restricted area is heavy with guards on the ground and with a Watcher on the balcony it is almost impossible to infiltrate the area quietly. Instead of trying to make your way into the zone, climb a building in the southeast corner and use Eagle Vision to spot the Brute carrying the letter. The easiest way to deal with the Brute is to hit him with a Berserk Blade, to draw the nearby enemies, and then toss in some Poison Gas bombs. Once the area is clear, kill off the Watcher on the balcony and grab the letter.

In the eastern restricted area you will find a bunch of Defenders preventing you from entering the area and even more Watchers on the roof. The best approach is to climb the buildings to the south and take out the Watcher on a balcony that overlooks the stone pathway inside the garden. The Brute will walk down this path, allowing you to hit him with a Berserk Blade, and engage in combat with the Defenders by the south entrance. Once dead, kill off any guards remaining to retrieve the letter and then leave.

The final letter is located in the catacombs in the southern graveyard, accessed through a single entrance with Defenders on guard. Since the guards on the surface are merely a hindrance that need to be dealt with, either hit a guard nearby with a Berserk Blade or use Cherry Bombs to draw them away. Once the entrance is clear, rush down and lose and pursuers. In the catacombs, take a left and carefully make your way to the search zone to identify your target and use Phantom Blades to clear the area and retrieve the final letter.

Once you have all three letters, return to Dumas to complete the mission.

Constructing a Close Shave

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

The man is being lured into a trap by some brigands who have stolen the parts to his guillotine and wishes Arnor to retrieve the parts for him.

Start by climbing up to the rooftop to kill the two Watchers nearby, before shooting the Watcher on the awning below, and then turn left and make your way to another set of Watchers on the other side and kill them quietly. Continue clockwise around the roofs to kill another Watcher and then jump to the church and climb up to the landing, where you can Phantom Blade the two Watchers below. Now backtrack to where you climbed up by the executioner and this time head the opposite way, killing all the Watchers in the same manner.

Once the area is clear of Watchers you can return to the executioner and enter the building across the way to lockpick a door. Silently kill the enemy waiting by the door and then walk left and gather the first part, leaving the enemies alone. Continue toward the next part and use Phantom Blades or Berserk Blades to dwindle the number of enemies near the second part, which will allow you to get it and the final parts rather easily.

Return to the executioner and speak to his partner Tobias and then defend them from the ambush to complete the mission.

Up in Arms

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

A letter from Saint Just to Robespierre informs Arno that defective arms have been delivered to Napoleon’s troops to halt the captain’s rising fame.

Make your way to the waymarker and climb the southern buildings and hop into the haycart below to reach the ground near a Brute’s patrol. Wait for the Brute to walk away and hop out to assassinate him and then sabotage the nearby cannon.

Return to the cart to head north through the buildings and Phantom Blade the two guards on the other side of the fence. You can now hop the fence and turn right through the buildings to carefully approach the second cannon. Backtrack north through the building and hug the right wall to the final cannon and sabotage it. You can now carefully escape the area to complete the mission.

Phantom Blade two guards from the fence and then turn right to sabotage the second cannon.

Marianne Returns Home

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Marianne’s parents were denounced by a neighbor, causing them to be executed and her kicked out of her home. Seeking revenge, she toils away in her shed training to fight back to retrieve her home from the neighbor.

Follow Marianne into the yard outside and train her by getting three perfect parries when she attacks. After the training, follow Marianne through the streets and defend her from attackers until your reach her house. Once at the house a huge wave of enemies will come in from all sides, so make sure you use your tools to keep them from killing Marianne and aiding you in defeating them.

Enter the home and stay a few steps in front of Marianne as you proceed up each floor, allowing you to get quick cover kills. Finish off any stragglers and let Marianne examine something on each floor for some more story. Once you reach the top floor and she examines the nightstand you will complete the mission.

The Little Prince

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Rumor has it that King Louis XVI’s son is still alive and in Templar hands, meaning the Assassins need to rescue him and take him into safety away from the city. After examining the poster speak to the Assassin nearby and follow her a short distance to the restricted zone, while learning why the prince is in danger.

Instead of dealing with the front of the building, along with all the enemies, run past the building to the east side and deal with the Defender outside. You can now climb up to the wooden platform outside the window to snipe the two marked guards inside and then hop in.

Unfortunately, the prince has to walk down through the building to exit the front door, so carefully make your way through the house and use cover or Phantom Blades to take out the enemies. Once clear, talk to the prince and follow him outside and down the road, where you’ll need to deal with a few more enemies, before reaching the docks and completing the mission.

Turtle, Snake, Bear, Paper, Scissors

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Three thugs that go by the names Turtle, Snake, and Bear are harassing the neighborhood and the citizens want them dead.

The first is in a crowded market, walking the perimeter of the area and can sometimes be difficult to find. Use Eagle Vision to spot him and then wait for the right time to shoot a Phantom Blade when no one is looking your way. If you are spotted, run away to lose them before moving on.

The final two targets are in different houses on the outskirts of the same restricted zone. Stand outside the zone and use Berserk Blades to take out the enemies on the ground floor, often drawing the main target out, or quietly use Phantom Blades and carefully make your way upstairs to kill the targets. Once all three targets are dead, escape the area to complete the mission.

Tapestry Thief

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

The Assassin’s have planted fake Assassin relics in the tapestry district to lure Templars into the open. Your task is to check if anyone has had any interest in the tapestries and track down any Templars to assassinate them.

Make your way to the waymarker to speak to the tapestry worker, who informs you that the tapestry was stolen, and then check the many search zones for other clues to the thief’s whereabouts. A woman across from the sewer entrance informs you that the thief entered the nearby sewers, but following him won’t be easy. Turn toward the two Defenders and hop the water, quickly double assassinating the Defenders, and make your way through the tunnels to another exit.

Take out the two Defenders and then head through the sewer tunnels.

Speak to the women by the sewers and then make your way to the following search zones, again speaking to the NPCs to learn where the thief went. When you finally find the thief, wait for him to begin walking away and then use the lift to the rooftops. You’ll need to tail the target through the streets until he meets his boss just outside a restricted zone by using the rooftops and the crowds.

Once the handoff is made you’ll need to assassinate the boss, but rather than trying to kill him from your currently location it is much easier to circle to the opposite side of the restricted zone and headshot the target. Once the target is dead, escape the area to complete the mission.

Cartouches Memories

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Cartouche needs you to recover his memoirs, which contain Assassin secrets, from the Templars to the northeast.

The eastern restricted zone can be approached from the southwest, where you’ll need to eliminate the two Watchers, and then drop to the ground and enter the archway below. Since the two Defenders are actually asleep you can leave them be and make your way right to the well in Stealth Mode, where you’ll want to Berserk Blade one of the guards. Let the guards take care of each other and then kill off any survivors to grab the document.

The western restricted zone is almost impossible to do through stealth, so use Berserk Blades on the higher ranked enemies like the Defenders and Poison Gas to deal with the majority of the enemies. Additionally, if some of the vigilante civilians happen to be nearby, use them to help you fight the extremists. Once the majority of the enemies are dead, sneak through the area to the chest containing the second document and return to Cartouche to complete the mission.

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