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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-03-2019 / 05:12 GMT

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Social Clubs

Le Louvre Missions

Retribution for a Rabble-Rouser

Unlocks: Renovate the Le Louvre Cafe

The Council wants you to get retribution for the execution of the Girondists by killing Andres Guzman.

Make your way to the Tuileries gardens, where a heavy coverage of guards means you’ll want to use stealth as much as possible. If you have the Disguise ability, this mission is infinitely easier as you can simply stroll up to Guzman’s location and blend with the crowd. Wait for the thugs and the guards to get in a scuffle and make your move on Guzman. If you don’t have the Disguise ability, you can use Berserk Blades to start the scuffle and then rush in and kill Guzman before you rush out. Once you leave the area and are anonymous you’ll complete the mission.

The Black Office

Unlocks: Renovate the Le Louvre Cafe

A secretive group, known as the "Black Office", is operating some shady business out of the Post Office near the Place Vendome.

Make your way to the search zones around the post office to find the three spies:

In the exterior courtyard is the first spy, a woman that walks around the courtyard in a circle. Due to the number of guards, it is best to position Arno on the north end of the courtyard, blending in with the crowds, and wait for the woman to circle your way. When no guards are looking, hit her with a Phantom Blade to kill her and then wait for the ruckus to die down.

The second spy is the man in the building, who patrols between the main floor filled with guards and the top of the staircase. Due to the number of guards downstairs, your only hope to avoid combat is to follow the man as he walks up the staircase and hidden blade kill him when he reaches the top. This should allow you to avoid any conflict.

The final spy is on the upper floors of the building, which are restricted. Make your way down the hall, killing the single guard, and then head up the stairs to the next floor. Use Eagle Vision to see the guard patrolling the hall on the other side of the wall and wait until he is walking away from the guard by the open doorway before you stab the stationary man. Enter the room and take cover by the next doorway to await the patrol’s return for a cover kill and then deal with the target.

Once all three spies are dealt with, leave the search area to complete the mission.

Betrayer of the Queen

Unlocks: Renovate the Le Louvre Cafe

Jean Gilbert, a Templar, foiled the Assassin’s plan to free Queen Marie-Antoinette before her execution. Gilbert knows too much about the Assassin’s machinations and must be assassinated to preserver the Council’s secrets.

Make your way to the northwest side of the search zone to find Gilbert surrounded by enemies. Instead of using your Phantom Blades, stick close to your target and wait for him to walk away from the enemies to get a clean Hidden Blade kill. If caught, escape the area and lose the enemies to complete the mission.

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