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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-02-2019 / 13:54 GMT

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Sequence 05

Memory 01 - The Silversmith

Optional Objectives:

  • Lockpick four doors
  • Drive two Brutes berserk

Make your way to the Assassin Headquarters to fill in the order on the death of the King of Beggars and receive the ability to use pistols and rifles, along with the next clue in who is truly responsible for De La Serre’s death. Time to track down the man who made the weapon that killed De La Serre, a silversmith known as Thomas Germain.

Head to the Assassin's HQ to clue in the brotherhood about Da La Serre's killer.

Begin the mission and ignore the front of the building by turning right and following the side of the building to the back, where you can climb up into a window in the northeast corner.

The room is empty, but the room next door is full of guards that pose a threat. Start by lockpicking the door in the empty room and then take cover by the doorway and assassinate the patrol that walks past it before you enter and kill the Brute behind the table. You can easily kill the final guard in the room by the window and then cross the hall into another room next to two Brutes.

The two Brutes stick together, but if you use line of sight and the last known position you can pull them over and separate them enough for two clean kills.

Take out the guard that passes the doorway to gain access to the other guards (left) and in the next room use the line of sight to pull the Brutes over for a cover kill (right).

Enter the room where the two Brutes were and turn left to find another door that you can lockpick and enter and turn right for a third door. This will lead back into the room where the Brutes were located and you can interact with the other door here for a scene.

After the scene take cover by the doorway and watch as a Brute walks up stairs and past the door and then walk out and take cover on the screen divider and cover kill him when the other guard walks up to the railing. You can now take out the other two guards easily and head toward the staircase leading down, but do not head down and instead use a Berserk Blade to make the Brute crazy.

Carefully take out the guards upstairs so you can Berserk Blade the Brute downstairs.

Wait for the Brute to kill off the majority of the guards before you head down and finish them off and then find the locked door nearby for the final lockpick. This will lead you to another room with a some guards that your can quietly stealth kill when the Brute moves from the doorway and then make your way to the main hall. This area is full of enemies, but with the final Berserk Blade you can dwindle the numbers by having the Brute help you out.

With the area clear the game will highlight two snipers outside that you need to deal with. Equip your Phantom Blades and head out the side door, where you can’t be seen, to take the lift up to the roof and shoot them from behind.

Use a Berserk Blade to clear the final room and then exit and use the lift to kill the snipers.

Germain will begin to call for help from inside, but do not enter and instead stand outside the doorway and use Eagle Vision to identify the enemies and headshot them to avoid a close combat situation.

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