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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 21-03-2019 / 12:38 GMT

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Sequence 06

Memory 01 - The Jacobin Club

Optional Objectives:

  • Two Snipers driven berserk
  • Two kills from hiding spots

The assassination of Lafreniere has left Arno with questions about the upcoming raid on the l’Hotel de Beauvais. There’s nothing else that can be done except to investigate further at the hotel.

Head to the waymarker outside the hotel to spot La Touche and then jump down from the chimney, cross the wooden ladder, turn left to jump to the next building, and then use a Berserk Blade on the nearby sniper. Leave the sniper to die and climb up the building and run along the roof until you are across from the next set of guards, one patrolling and two snipers.

Wait for the guard that is patrolling to momentarily stop and headshot him with a Phantom Blade before you jump over and berserk another sniper and then descend to the ground.

Berserk the first sniper and then headshot the guard in the next section of the roof so you can berserk a second sniper.

Head to the back corner of the building and climb up to the balcony before you turn right and follow it to a small landing and enter the building. There are a group of enemies here that you can avoid by taking cover on the couch and then moving forward and entering a doorway on the left to reach an upper balcony. Use Eagle Vision to spot La Touche in the audience below and then hop to the chandelier and across to the other side.

Take cover by the doorway and when the patrolling guard walks by enter stealth mode and follow him at a distance so that you can enter the hiding spot directly ahead. Stay there until the guard circles back and this time kill him for your first hiding spot kill.

Locate La Touche and then hop the balcony and follow the guard quietly to a hiding spot.

Ignore the other guard in the room and take cover at the doorway and use Eagle Vision to see where the guard in the next room is. If they are knocking on the right door then you are clear to wait until he begins to walk left to carefully enter the room and get in the hiding spot between the two doorways. Stay until the guard walks by and kill him and then wait for La Touche to pass and head upstairs.

Wait for the guard to move so you can get to the hiding spot and then wait for La Touche to head upstairs.

Once La Touche is upstairs, exit the hiding spot and turn left to leave the building and then turn around and climb the wall to the right of the door to see where La Touche has gone. Wait for the short scene and then men to rush downstairs and then follow them down, but when you reach the ground floor head straight left and continue into the basement and reach the waymarker.

After the scene there will be guards outside the room you are in. You can either lockpick the nearby door to avoid them or use Phantom Blades to kill thhe first two and hidden blade the last one. Take the stairs up to the first floor and Phantom Blade or stealth kill the guard and then stay on the first floor and head to the doorway under the stairs.

Kill the guards in the basement and then take the doorway under the stairs to continue.

The two guards on the first floor can be avoided by using the crowd or you can engage them with your remaining tools or in straight combat. Inside the main room where you first identified La Touche is a wardrobe that you can use to reach the balcony above and then continue out the same way you originally came in.

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