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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 22-03-2019 / 09:12 GMT

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Sequence 11

Memory 01 - Bottom of the Barrel

Optional Objectives:

  • Four Cherry Bomb lures
  • Two Poison Gas kills

This mission will begin directly after the last with a hung over Arno trying to figure out what happened the night before, as well as where his father’s watch is.

The game flashes back to the night before, with Arno being kicked out of the bar. Head straight through the arch to take cover by the wall and equip your Cherry Bombs.

Toss the bomb in the back of the area to draw over the guards, throwing a second as needed to get all four lures for the optional objective, and then follow the wall, run across the gap and take cover on the other side. Wait for the Brute to turn away and run up the vined building on your right to reach the street.

Toss Cherry Bombs to distract the guards to cross the gap (left). On the other side, wait for the Brute to turn his back to continue (right).

Run north a bit until your under the balcony of the building with the waymarker and climb up, using Eagle Vision to make sure no guards are near the opening and can spot you when you climb up onto the balcony. The Brute inside will patrol from the right side of the room to the left, so wait for him to be on the right side of the room to enter and hide behind the wall and then when he moves left interact with the barrel for a scene.

Wait for the Brute to move right to enter and then left before interacting with the barrel.

Back in the present, hop out the window and make your way to the bar for a scene. In another flashback you’ll need to fight off the thugs, but they will just keep coming until you are dealt enough damage and another scene will trigger. After another scene, chase down the thugs and tackle him to learn where his boss is located.

Fight off the thugs in the flashback and then chase down and tackle the thug.

Back in Versailles, wait for the men in the next room to move left to a table and then enter and assassinate him, followed by his buddy.

Continue into the next room and wait for the Brute to move away and then enter and take cover on the right to cover kill the thug. Wait for the Brute to check the window and move right before you walk over and kill the stationary guard by the window and then take walk cover to the cloth covered couch and take cover.

There are two guards near the Brute’s location, but in order to pull them all close enough for a Poison Gas kill you’ll need to Berserk Dart the Brute and then toss the bomb in after. Clean up anyone who survives the gas and loot their bodies, hopefully getting another Poison Gas bomb for later, and then make your way down the long hall to the next room.

Take cover by the doorway and use Eagle Vision to track the Brute in the next room and kill him when he approaches the door or has his back to you. If you still haven’t gotten a Poison Gas bomb back you’ll want to loot his body, and any other guards you down, and then head to the bedroom to kill two more guards when they have their backs turned.

Exit the room and turn left down a hall to a balcony and wait for the Defender to walk toward the back of the room and then air assassinate the guard leading against the statue, followed by the Defender.

Enter the building again and take cover against the wall and wait for the patrol to walk past before killing him and then take cover behind the long table. The other patrol should walk pass, for an easy cover kill, and then you can kill the stationary guard at the back of the room.

Wait for the Defender to walk away before you air assassinate the guard (left). Inside, wait for the patrol to come close and kill him (right).

Continue through the building to the large room with a patrol that circles the room and kill him when he turns his back before you take out the stationary guard behind the piano. Now make your way down the hall that you should recognize from childhood and keep an eye out for a doorway on the left side.

The leader patrols this room with some buddies, but there is no need to just walk straight in. Wait for the target to pass by the doorway and toss a Cherry Bomb in to distract him and hit him with a Berserk Blade. This will engage the others in combat and allow you to toss another Poison Gas bomb if you got one or run in with some Smoke Bombs and easily finish off the excess guards to complete the mission.

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