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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-02-2019 / 14:00 GMT

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Sequence 12

Memory 03 - The Temple

Optional Objectives:

  • Three double air assassinations
  • Two alarm bells sabotaged

After the cutscene, drop to the ground and run to the far right corner of the restricted zone and climb up, using Eagle Vision to check the position of the two snipers that patrol here.

Wait for the sniper that patrol the path nearest to you to walk in front of a gap and ledge assassinate him and then wait for the other sniper to be looking away to climb up and take position behind the barrels. Wait for the sniper to return and look outside the wall on the other side of the barrels and walk around to kill him.

With both snipers down you can hop into the haycart in the courtyard below to kill the Brute and the hop out and Phantom Blade the two patrols in the adjacent courtyard.

Kill the snipers and then drop down and Phantom Blade the guards in the courtyard.

Take the ladder back up and head down the path with the barrels, but climb up to the roof of the building on your left as soon as possible.

Cross over the roof to the other side to Phantom Blade the sniper on the other side and then cross back and position yourself above the stationary Brute. Wait for the two patrols to walk away from the Brute before you headshot him and then wait for them to investigate his body. Once the patrol is back on their route and are close enough together, air assassinate the couple and return to where you entered the fortress.

Climb the building to kill the sniper (left) and then double air assassinate the patrol (right).

Enter stealth mode and take the other sneak past the set of guards, making sure to leave them alone, and hidden blade kill the guard in the second covered area. You now want to get the second double air assassination on the two guards you passed, so backtrack to the tower behind the and climb the wall to the roof so you can line up the kill.

Hug the wall as you continue along the outside of the fortress and use Eagle Vision to check the location of the patrol. Once the guards are walking away, move forward and climb the building on your right to await their return for your third and final double air assassination.

Climb the tower above the two guards for a double air assassination (left). Climb the building to also air assassinate the patrols here (right).

Climb back up the building and head across to the lower roof on the L shaped building and use Eagle Vision to identify two snipers to the north. Phantom Blade the one on the outer wall and then do the same to his friend on a wooden platform directly north.

You’re going to need more Phantom Blades at this point, so either use the ability to create a cache or climb back over the building and then over the outer wall to find a merchant just below where you began this mission.

With a full stock of Phantom Blades in hand you can now cross the lower roof and use Eagle Vision to spot another sniper on the building opposite you, connected by an even lower rooftop. Wait for the sniper to begin walking left and then dash across the lower roof and climb up to kill him.

Wait for the sniper across the way to turn and sprint over to kill him.

Return to the low roof and look northeast to spot an alarm bell in the distance, but don’t rush in because there are tons of guards between you and it and any conflict can end up being deadly if a guard should ring the bell.

Use Eagle Vision to scope out the area and wait for the patrol to walk over to the haycart before you Phantom Blade him. The surrounding guards will begin to investigate the dead body, leaving them also vulnerable to headshots, and should make it easy to take them out with precision headshots. Once the area seems clear, hop down and sneak over to the bell to sabotage it.

Phantom Blade the guards in the courtyard to clear the area and sabotage the bell.

Return to the low roof and face into the opposite courtyard to the south and use Eagle Vision to check the patrols. When the patrol that walks between the haycart and the tree to the right isn’t looking hop down and sneak over to the haycart and hop in, allowing you to hiding spot kill him when he returns to the haycart.

There are only a few more guards between you and the bell and none of them should be to difficult to deal with, but if you are spotted you should camp the alarm bell so that they can’t ring it and use Smoke Bombs to keep from dying. Once the area is clear, walk over to the bell and sabotage it.

Sneak into the opposite courtyard when no one is looking (left). If you're detected, camp the bell and use Smoke Bombs to kill the guards (right).

If you have completed all of the optional objectives for each mission you should unlock the achievement and trophy.


With the snipers and guards gone it’s time to take on Germain. Head to the left tower on the nearby building and climb it up to the roof for a scene.

Germain will remain in the interior and if you stand in his line of sight he will blast you with the Sword of Eden. To make this a quick fight, run around the outside of the tower and use Eagle Vision to see which way he is facing. Once you get behind Germain, rush in and hidden blade attack him for a scene.

Climb the tower to find Germain with the Sword of Eden (left) and then circle the tower quickly to backstab him (right).

Return to the tower that you climbed up to reach Germain and head up to the roof to leap of faith into the haycart far below. You’ll need to find Germain in the catacombs on the opposite side of the fortress, so backtrack to the other alarm bell.

There are a few guards between you and the catacombs and the last thing you want to do is engage them in conflict.

Make your way toward the large barn, but instead of heading inside it and dealing with the Brute you’ll want to hop on the vine covered wall to the right of it to spot a Defender. This guy is strong and conveniently located to take a Berserk Blade in the back, causing a commotion and allowing you to quickly rush into the catacombs and lose any enemies you might have drawn in the process.

Berserk Blade the Defender (left) and then lose any guards in the catacombs (right).

Make your way through the catacombs, which are very linear, and examine the door for another cutscene with Germain.

This battle is much like the previous, except with a more open area. Take cover on the solid structures and use Cherry Bombs to distract Germain and make him turn his back so you can rush in and stab him. After each stab you will be knocked to the ground and will have to run for cover ASAP when you have control or Germain will blast you to death with the Sword of Eden. Additionally, if you stay hidden too long he will use Eagle Vision to spot you and create a lightning strike on your position, so move away if needed.

Use cover to avoid Germain's attacks from the Sword of Eden.

Move quickly when Germain uses Eagle Vision and raises his sword.

After three stabs in this manner a scene will occur and then you’ll need to run toward Germain for the final scene.


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