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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 16-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 08-07-2020 / 23:31 GMT

Protagonist Special Abilities

When you enter the Nashkel Carnival or Nashkel areas for the first time (the former in the case of this guide) Chapter 1 will end and you'll get some text narrating the beginning of Chapter 2. Convenient enough, for the purposes of organization, but there's more to this change than merely narrative convenience.

Now that you're out of Candlekeep and beginning your adventuring career in earnest, mysterious, latent powers will start to manifest in your protagonist. The form these powers take varies based on your Reputation, and can be largely split into two categories, "good" powers (Reputation 10+) or "evil" powers (Reputation 9 or lower). Perhaps the dichotomy is too strong, but the fact is, the "good" powers are largely capable of healing or empowering yourself or your allies, while the "evil" powers harm and hinder. You'll get a new power at the start of each character, usually after resting (it may take several rest sessions to appear), and you can mix-and-match "good" and "evil" powers depending on what you Reputation is at the time.

A list of the powers you'll get based on your Reputation by chapter follows:

ChapterGood PowerEvil Power
1Cure Light WoundsLarloch's Minor Drain
2Cure Light WoundsLarloch's Minor Drain
3Slow PoisonGhoul Touch
4Slow PoisonGhoul Touch
5Draw Upon Holy MightVampiric Touch
6Draw Upon Holy MightVampiric Touch

In general, the "good" abilities are much better than the "evil" abilities, although it is fun to use the Kagain as a Hit Point cow, sapping some of his life away with Larloch's to heal your protagonist... it's still not nearly as efficient as just having Cure Light Wounds.

These abilities are spell-like abilities, which can be accessed via the "Special Abilities" tab on the menu at the bottom of the screen (while the protagonist is selected).

In any event, with that covered, let's continue with the carnival!

Merchants and Mischief

After all that marching, what better way to relieve your stress than by visiting the local carnival? This area is pretty tame, as well it should be, but you do have to be wary of the odd group of Kobolds lurking around. In some of the tents are merchants, which sell mostly mundane gear, but in the tent at (x=2520, y=2800) you'll find a merchant who will sell some magical trinkets, but nothing that you need immediately, nor anything you can't find elsewhere.

You can also try to steal various things from these tents, although the loot to be had is poor by almost any standards. The odd handful of coins is about the best you can expect, and if you if you steal from an occupied tent, chances are you're going to get caught. Still, if you make a quick enough exit...

The Stone Warrior Maiden

At (x=3050, y=3100) you'll find a Halfling named Zeke trying to sell a Stone to Flesh Scroll for 500 gold, with the idea that whomever has the scroll can use it to turn the "stone warrior maiden" (x=3250, y=2890) back into flesh... a "stone warrior maiden" who would then be very "grateful".

Despite the fact that this is rather sadistic, it's also outrageously overpriced for a scroll you can buy at any temple for less. If you want the "stone warrior maiden", it's cheaper and more satisfying to steal the scroll from Zeke. Once done, equip the scroll in a quick slot and use it on the statue. Zeke might be an evil bastard (go ahead, use Detect Evil), but his scroll works fine.

And behold Branwen, warrior-priest from the Norheim isles, entrapped in stone by one Tranzig (who wants to bet we'll see that name again?) She'll join you if you let her, and she wants revenge on her captor. Fair enough. Take her along... or not, it's up to you. She's a decent Cleric, and for a good party that actually wants a full cast of good characters, she's a good substitute for Viconia.

Character Info: Branwen


An outcast priestess from the Norheim Isle, Branwen's questing days led her into the unfortunate predicament in which you found her, and now she seeks vengeance on the mage Tranzig. She's not just dead weight looking for revenge, either, as her Dexterity and Constitution scores are both good enough to give her combat bonuses (to Armor Class and Hit Points, respectively), while her Wisdom is high enough for some bonus spells. They're not huge bonuses, but she has no weaknesses, either, and while her Strength isn't high enough for combat bonuses, it's high enough for her to wear just about anything you could care to give her.

Suffice to say, she's a competent, if unexciting Cleric, perfectly capable of keeping with you for the rest of the game if the good party wants her services. Her True Neutral alignment means she could also serve in the evil party, if for some reason you prefer her to Viconia.

She starts out proficient in both War Hammers and Slings, which are exactly what you'll want her to use for almost the entirety of the game. Honestly, just get her proficiency in Maces and Sword and Shield Style and she's good to go. Even better, she starts out at 2nd level, having lost merely one Hit Point out of her potential 18 Hit Points. Really can't ask for much more.

Bentha's Tent (AR4906)

Inside a tent at (x=2270, y=3050) you'll find a Mage named Zordral, who is having a bit of a disagreement with another Mage, Bentha. Zordral will threaten to slay her by finishing his incantation.

If you try to be reasonable with him ("Why don't we discuss this like rational beings? Just calm down and I'm sure we can come to some sane solution." followed by "Come on, we can't just let you murder a defenseless woman. Just calm down and let's talk.", or outright threaten him ("Don't tell me what to do, bozo. Step aside before you get hurt." or "If it's a fight you want, then you'll get one.") he'll show he doesn't take kindly to violence or entreaties and make good on his word, killing the woman.

On the other hand, if you respond with "What's this all about?" followed by "What are you talking about? Why the prejudice against a magic user? You said it yourself that you're a mage. After all, aren't you going to kill her with your "magic word"? Get a hold of yourself, you idiot." or "Are you some sort of inbred hedge wizard? I really don't believe you can cast any spells at all. Come on, moron, if you're a wizard you should be able to "smite" us down where we stand." he won't take kindly to you insulting his intelligence. Sore spot?

Either way, after your productive chat Zordral will attack, starting out with Mirror Image, followed by Horror, Melf's Acid Arrow and Larloch's Minor Drain. Very similar to Tarnesh, and if her gets that Horror spell off he could very well kill somebody. That said, your party is much larger than it was when you encountered Tarnesh, so you should be able to just attack him, interrupt his spells, and cut him down before he gets up to any mischief, RNG-willing. Attacking a group of heavily armed adventurers in close combat is... kind of stupid, for a Mage.

When he dies he'll drop a Knave's Robe, a Scroll of Armor, a Scroll of Color Spray, a Quarter Staff, and 79 gold. This robe will go well on any Mages you have (better than nothing, right?). In any event, talk to Bentha if she's alive and she'll offer you a boon. If you ask for information, she'll tell you about Volo, which is a waste. If you ask for trinkets, she'll give you an Antidote. Finally, if you take the high road and say that a good deed is enough, she'll give you a Potion of Heroism. It pays to be good! On the other hand, if Zordral kills Bentha she'll drop both potions, plus an Angel Skin Ring, a Quarter Staff, 24 gold, and a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance... which is easily more lucrative than saving her. Just sayin'.

Information or
For saving Bentha from ZordralAntidote or
Potion of Heroism

Vitiare's Last Heist - Gambling Tent (AR4903)

There's another tent at (x=1550, y=2950) you should enter. Upon entering a Thief named Vitiare will try and rob you. Attack him before he reaches you and loot his corpse. You'll gain a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Master Thievery, a Potion of Agility, a Dagger, and 73 gold. You don't even lose Reputation for kill him! Hate that guy...

Did You Know?: In the original version of the game, Vitiare did not turn hostile on you, making him much more difficult to kill. If you didn't take him down before he reached you, he'd get away with your gold.

The Great Gazib and The Amazing Oopah - the World's Only Exploding Ogre!

At (x=1290, y=3200) you'll find "The Great Gazib", a Mage who manages "The Amazing Oopah", the world's only exploding ogre! First rob Gazib for a Scroll of Blindness and a Scroll of Agannazar's Scorcher, if you care to. Once done, talk to Gazib several times to watch Oopah explode! Eventually Oopah will get sick of it and go on a rampage forcing you to put Oopah down (using Command will make this much easier).

Note: Note that "The Great Gazib" is only around during the day. If you want to see Ogres explode, you need to do so during normal business hours.

Suspiciously Cheap Potions - Merchant's Tent (AR4905)

In a tent at (x=1870, y=3500) you'll find a merchant peddling some potions. Both sell for 50 gold a piece, and he claims the violet will give you a "titan's strength", while the red will make "your insights rival Elminster, your clarity of thought indefinitely enhanced."

Both of these potions do as he says, but they also come with pretty significant drawbacks. For instance, the violet potion will boost your Strength to 25, but sets your Dexterity and Constitution to 3, which completely nullifies its usefulness in combat (although if you want to smash open crates and chests...) The red potion gives you 25 Intelligence, but sets your Wisdom and Strength to 3, also giving you 50% resistance to all magical damage, which still makes it useful for scribing scrolls. Both potions last 24 hours. Of course, you could always steal the potions.

He also has some chests to loot, which actually contain some nice items. He'll call the guards on you for looting the big chest (x=200, y=200) but not the small chest (x=320, y=200). Figures. Steal and flee. Now it's time to head to Nashkel (AR4800), so exit the map via any edge and head to Nashkel, which is immediately to the west.

Items (AR4905)
x=200, y=200 - Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Healing, 208 gold
x=320, y=200 - Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Heroism, 230 gold

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